#28: Hitting.

Reconstruction Description
AKI Beat, pound
FAKA-MATE Kill, put to death
FE-PAKI Collide, fight
KAPE.3 Ward off, parry
KOO-SURU To spear, kill
KULU.2 Apply force to, strike
LIKI Beat, flog : *(li)liki
MOTO.1 Strike with fist
PAA-TOO-TOO.* Knock repeatedly
PAA.2A Slap, clap, pat (strike with open hand)
PAKARU Collide, crash
PAKI.1 Slap, clap; hit, beat; touch
PALE.1A Ward off; protection, defense
PAO.1 Strike something with something else, as in hammering nail, using mallet, playing bowls
PASU.1A To pound, thump v.t
PATI.1 Clap
PATU.1A Strike, kill
POKO.3 Slap (esp. slap body as challenge)
POO-RUTU Strike hard
POO.2 Cover, catch or strike with cupped hand
RUTU Hit, beat, attack
SAU.2 Strike, beat, chop
TA-QIA Strike, hit
TAA-MATE-A Kill, extinguish: *ta(a)mate
TAA.1A Strike, beat, kill
TAU.10 Be hit (Rby): *tau-lia
TILI.3 Strike repeatedly as in hammering, adzing (Rby)
TIPI.1B Slap, strike a glancing blow
TITI.5 Strike, chip at (Ebt)
TUKI.A Pound, beat
TUTU.3 To beat out bark into felt; beat tapa

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