#42: Politics and Warfare.

Reconstruction Description
EQA.B Be released or delivered; be avenged
FAI.5 Fight
FAKA-WAA Judge (n,v)
FAQAO Seize, take by force, rob
FARU.1 Pillage, take by force
FE-PAKI Collide, fight
FE-TA-QI Fight
FEKIKI Struggle with; quarrel
FONO.2A Deliberative assembly
FONO.2B Judgment, decision (of assembly), rule, instruction
FUKE.B Revenge, take revenge
GAKI.B Avenge, conquer
HIFO.C Be defeated, conquered, put out of office; bow down, submit
IKA.B Human victim, slain enemy
KAVAU Quarrel
KEE.2 Quarrel
LAMA.1 To watch for, to ambush
LUKI Challenge
MOTI.1 Stalk, sneak up on
OLI.2 Brandish a weapon (as challenge)
PAA-TOKI Refuse, oppose, protest
PAKOLA Slain victim; defeated in battle (Clk)
PANI.4 Pillage, destroy property
PULE.2 Have authority; exert authority
QAO.2 Authority, kingdom
RUNAGA Council, assembly, community
SALU.2 Seize, take by force: *sa(l/r)u
SAO Escape
SAU.3 Rule, ruler
SIGA.B Be defeated
SOLA Flee, escape
TAFUTI Run away (Clk)
TAU-QA War, war-party
TAU.4 War, fight, make war
TUAQA Penalty, punishment
UTU-GA Punishment, penalty, fine
UTU.1B Revenge, vengeance, punishment
WAWAO Separate antagonists; mediate: *wawa(q)o
WILI.2 Compete, persist

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