#75: Smells and Tastes.

Reconstruction Description
ALIGA Give off an odour: *a(a)liga
FEGO To smell bad
FIFITI Pungent, hot (to taste), bitter
HOHOFI Smell strong(ly)
KAKALA Fragrant
KAWA.1B Sour, bitter
KONA.4 Bitter
KOO-PIRO Rotten, stinking; immature (of fruit)
LOLO.1B Delicious, sweet, rich, oily, fatty (of food)
MAAGALO.2 Palatable, sweet; fresh (water)
MAFU.3 Stale
MALA.5 Sour, bitter
MALIE Sweet-tasting, delicious
MAMI To taste of something; flavour
MANOGI Fragrant, perfumed
MANU.2 Smell (especially bad smell)
MAQAHI Salty, acid
MASA.2 Bitter
MASI.1 Sour, acid, fermented (of vegetable food); vegetable food preserved by fermentation
MOO-MONA Fat, rich, tasty (esp. of animal foods)
NAMU-AQA Stink, bad smell
NAMU.1A Odour, flavour; to smell
PILAU Decayed, stinking
PILO To stink (of excrement), putrid
POA.1 Fish odour; ground bait
PULAU.* Stinking
PUQI Smell
PUSAKI Be scented, perfumed; blow out
QELO Stink
QEO To have a bad smell, odour
SAU-GA.* Unpleasant odour
SOGO Offensive smell, esp. of urine
SUQA.C Taste, flavour
WENE Sweet
WII.B Sour, fermented

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