Protoform: SOGO [PN] Offensive smell, esp. of urine

Description: Offensive smell, esp. of urine
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to PN: Polynesian

*4 POC *so9o 'acrid, pungent, as smell of urine' (LPO V:507).
*5 PMP *se9et "acrid, pungent, of odour" (ACD).

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
East Uvea Ho/hogo Odeur d'urine (Btn)
Easter Island Hoŋo/hoŋo Putrefied, decomposed (of meat) (Kvt)
Hawaiian Ho/hono/ Odour of perspiration (Pki)
Kapingamarangi Hongo-kerekere Faeces Uncertain Semantic Connection (Ebt)
Luangiua Maŋu soŋo Smelly sexual organs (Smd)
Mangareva ʔOgo/ʔogo Mauvaise odeur; sentir légèrement mauvais (Rch)
Mangareva Pi/ʔoŋo Urine, uriner; urinate (Chf)
Marquesas Hoko/hoko, hono/hono Sentir fort, comme urine (Dln)
Niue Hogo elo To smell bad (Sph)
Niue Ho/hogo To smell something (from a distance) (Sph)
Niue Kogo To smell of urine Phonologically Irregular (Sph)
Nukuoro Songo/songo Genitals (male or female) (Crl)
Penrhyn Songo Smell of urine (Rmn)
Pukapuka (Yo)yongo Smell of urine (Sby)
Raʔivavae Hoŋo To have the odor of urine (Stn)
Rarotongan ʔOngoʔongo Stink (especially of the stench of urine and similar fetid odours) (Bse)
Rennellese Songo/ʔanga Sex organs (Ebt)
Samoan Sogo Smell of urine (Prt)
Sikaiana S/sono To smell bad, of sex organs (Restricted) (Dnr)
Takuu S/sono Smell bad from body odour (esp. of genitals) (Mle)
Tikopia Songo Female genitalia (Fth)
Tokelau Ho/hogo Smell of urine (Sma)
Tongan (Namu-)Hohongo Smell of (or like) urine (Cwd)
Tuamotu Hoŋo Smell of urine (Stn)
Vaeakau-Taumako Namu songo Smell of fish (Hvn)
West Futuna Tanamu/soŋo-a To cause a thing to smell by touching it (e.g. with fishy hands) (Cpl)

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