#23: Touching to Abrasion (Contact).

Reconstruction Description
AMO.1A Stroke, rub gently, touch
ASA.1 To grate
FAA-FAA Feel, touch, grope
FAFAI Scrape or shave smooth
FAKA-KAA.1 Sharpen
FAKA-TEMU Touch lightly
FARO.1 Scrape, rub
FOO.2A Rub, as in extracting starch from arrowroot, massaging
FOO.2B Wash clothes
FULU.2 Rub on (face or body); wash by rubbing or wiping
IKU.2 File, rasp
KANA.1 A kind of sponge used as an abrasive; to polish with such
KOO-MIRI To handle, rub
KOSI Scrape, scratch (Rby)
LAKU.2 Touch, handle, meddle with
LOLE.2 Rub
LOTE Handle roughly
MA-QENE Tickle: *ma-qene(-qene)
MAA-SINU Anoint(ed)
MILI Rub, massage; handle (v)
MULE.2 Rub, masturbate
MULU.1 Wipe, rub; rub off; strip off
NAO Insert hand in a hole feeling for something, probe, grope
NUNU Rub, grate, strain (action in preparation of turmeric or arrowroot)
NUTI Squeeze, crush in hand, rub between hands
OLO.3 Rub, grate, grind, polish, sharpen
PALEA Strike or encounter unexpectedly, accidentally
PASORO Comb (v): *pa(a)(f,s)oro
PUUORO Grate, scour
QALI.2 Shave, scrape clean
QENE Tickle by touching, poke
RAKU Scratch (v.t.)
SAFU.2 Scrape
SANI.1 Graze, pass close to; touch lightly
SAQALO Scrape, clean by scraping, rub smooth
SOLO-QI.* Wipe, rub, clean by wiping or rubbing
SOLO.2A Grate, grind, rasp
TAGO.B Grope, feel for; fish for octopus etc.; go about at night
TOLO.3 Rub, massage
TUU-PERE Scrape out, scoop out
UKU To cleanse by wiping, rubbing, scouring: *uku(i)
WARU Scrape v

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