#24: Cutting and Breaking.

Reconstruction Description
SUKI.A Pierce, prick, puncture, stab; sharp-pointed implement
SULU.1A Insert (as in weaving, thatching), pierce
TAA-FOA Strike something so as to break it; beat
TAA.1B Cut, chop, carve
TAALO. Stab: *Ta(h,q)alo
TAFA.2 Cut lengthwise, slice, incise
TAFI To sweep
TAKA-SISI Scoop out coconut meat; cut copra *taka-si(s)i
TALAI Hew, carve
TAPA-SI Split, cut, break
TASI.2 Scrape, shave, whittle
TELE.1 Peel, pare, shave
TIA.1A A stake, post; stick in a peg or a needle
TII-SAE Tear, rend
TIPI.1A Cut, slice, slash off
TITI.1 Peg, to stick in as a peg
TOE.2 Split Pandanus leaves into strips
TOFI To cut in pieces, divide
TOGI.1A Engrave
TOMO Enter, penetrate, sink in
TOPE.B Prune, cut off
TORI.2 Cut
TOSI.1 Split Pandanus leaves into strips
TOTI.2 Peck, prick
TUA.1 Fell, chop down
TUQU-RUA Cut in two; half way point
TUQU.3A To cut
WASI To split: *wa((q)a)si
WEKU.2 Tear off
WELO.1 Thrust, as in spearing; propel lengthwise

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