#24: Cutting and Breaking.

Reconstruction Description
MA-TAKA Come loose, peel off
MA-TOFI.A Be split in two
MA-WEU.* Disordered, disarranged, in confusion
MAA-UNU Slip off, peel off, be loosened or removed: *ma(a)-unu
MAIFA Break, crack; type of sore on the body
MANUNU.2 Break (as bones)
MATATA Tear, split
MAUMAU.1 Spoiled, wasted
METO Extinguished, destroyed
MOSI Break or tear apart
MOTU.A Severed, cut, broken in pieces
MUTU.1A Cut off, ended
NUMI.1 Fold, crumple, crease
OPE.1 Scoop up, shovel
PA-FORE Skinned, peeled
PA-FURE Abraded, skinned
PA-KIKO.1 Skinned: *pa(a)-kiko
PAA-KEKE To remove skin, bark by scraping, peeling: *paa-ke(e)ke(e)
PAA-SERE.1 Remove skin, pare, peel
PAA-TIA Pierce
PAA-TITI Drive in (as a nail, stake)
PAA.5 Burst, explode, sudden loud noise
PAKARU Collide, crash
PAKI.3 Pick, cut off, break off (fruit, leaves, etc.)
PARI.1 Chop, adze
PASU.2 Thrust into, impel towards
PELU.A Bend, fold
POFORE.1 Skinned
POKA.4 Split, cut
QATI.1 Penetrate
QOFA Destroy (Rby)
SAE.1 Tear (v)
SAFULE Strip off leaves: *sa(a)fule
SALA.3 Cut away, cut off, trim, prune
SALI.2 Scoop out, up
SANI.2 Remove leaves from tree, cut hair
SAU.2 Strike, beat, chop
SELE.2 Knife; cut
SEPE Cut, trim (with knife)
SERU Scratch the earth, as a fowl does, scrape, dig
SEU Raking or scooping motion, hence clearing, sweeping away, netting
SIFI Whittle, pare
SOKA.1 Pierce, stab *soka(-qi)
SOLO.1 Collapse, cave in; landslide
SONI.A Incise, cut into
SUA.2 Lever up, as soil with stick when weeding; root, as pigs
SUAKI.* Open up, as a grave, an earth-oven; disinter
SUE.2 Root up, disturb earth, throw in a heap, lift a covering

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