#24: Cutting and Breaking.

Reconstruction Description
AKU Scrape out with hands
ALI.2 To scoop or hollow out (Clk): *(h,s)ali
FAKA-MAUMAU Waste, spoil
FAKA-MAWEUWEU Cause confusion, throw into disorder
FAKA-QUGA-QUGA Make small notches in carving
FAQA.3 To burst, split or be cut open *fa(q)a
FAQO.1C Bore a hole, perforate, hole
FATI.A Break, be broken (including a wave)
FATU.1C To fold: (*fa-fatu, *fatu-qi)
FOA.A Break (as something hard); smash
FOHI Remove skin, peel
FOHU Enter into, pierce
FOKE Peel (as fruit)
FORE Peel or strip (as skin or bark): *fo(r,l)e
FOTA.3 Hollow out (Rby): *fot(a, o)
FUFU.2 Strip off
FULE.C Strip plants of leaves
FUNA.3 Destroy, eradicate
GA-FAQA.* Burst, break, split open
GA-FOA.*A Smashed
GA-SAE Torn, rent
ISI Peel off, strip, split: *(qh)isi
KAKU.2 Scrape, scrape together
KALI.2 Dig, by scooping or scraping out
KAMU.2 Cut off
KELI Dig v
KENU Disturb earth (especially with foot); dig
KETU.1 Turn over, lift up, root up, rummage
KINI.2A Slash, beat down
KOKE Thrust with sharp object
KOKO.1 Scoop up in the hands, press, squeeze
KOO-FORE Peel, strip off
KOO-PUTA Pierce, hole
KOO-REPE Tear apart
KOO-SAE Rend, tear
KOPI.A Double together, fold
KUKU.3 Strip off, as leaves, bark
LEPE Smash, destroy
LIPI.2 Fold
MA-FAQA.A Cracked, split; to crack open
MA-FATI Broken by snapping
MA-FOA.A Broken open, cracked open
MA-FOHI Peeled, skinned
MA-FOLE.1 Peeled
MA-KENU Marked, as of ground cut up by passing traffic
MA-LEPE Smashed, destroyed
MA-PELU Bent, folded
MA-QOFA Collapse, fall apart (Rby)
MA-SISI Cut or broken lengthwise; scooped out, gouged out

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