#31: Action with Rope etc..

Reconstruction Description
AMO.1B Prepare fibres for string-making; prepared fibre (Rby) *am(o,u)
AO.3 Bind (Ebt)
FAALOO.A Stretch (by pulling), lash: *fa(a)lo(o)
FAKA-SANI Tie two coconuts together by partially husked fibre
FAQU.1 Tie, lash; build
FARO.2A Stretch (by pulling), tighten lashing
FATU-AKI Begin weaving; plan
FATU.1A Weave, plait
FIHU To start or finish the border of a plaited mat
FII-TIKI Tie, bind
FILO Twist cord from fibres by rolling them on the thigh
FIRI.1 Braid (i.e. interlace three or more flexible elements to form e.g. a rope), a technique sometimes referred to as plaiting)
FUSI.2 Tie together
HAUKAFA Lash canoe
HEI Caught, entangled (like fish in a net)
KAA-WIRI Twist together (as leaves, hair), intertwine
KAU-I Fasten with cord, as sail to yard or net to frame, lace (Rby)
LAGA.2 Plait (as a mat, basket): *(la)laga
LAWA.2 Bind, wrap
LII.2 Tie, bind, wind round
LINO Twist (as cord)
LULU.2 Tie together in a bundle
MA-FAGA Loosened, separated, free
MA-TALA.A Untied, undone, open (as a blossom)
MA-WETE Untied, loosened, separated: *ma(a)wete
MA-WIRI Twist: *ma(a)-wiri
MAA-NOQA Tied; string, thread
MIGOI. Twist: *migo(q)i
MILO.2A Twist (by hand), as in twining thread, wringing out
MIRA ? Fasten, make fast
MOKO.5 Bind
NATI Draw tight, tie
NINO.* Twist
NOQA Bind, tie: *noq(a,o)
QONO.2 Mend (net)
SAQI Bind, confine
SELE.1A Snare; tie up
SULU.1A Insert (as in weaving, thatching), pierce
SUMU.1 Tie, lash
TAA-PEKA Tie, bind
TAA.4A To weave a fishing net
TAKA-WIRI Turn, twist
TALA.3 Untie, undo
TALI.3B Plait, braid, coil, tie up
TIA.1B To sew, make a net
TIKI.3 Tie, bind
TOO-RINO Twisted in circular or spiral fashion
TUI Thread pierced objects on a string; sew
UFU.2 Pull up, pull out, untie

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