#0: Grammatical Particles and Affixes - Post-Verbal Particles.

Reconstruction Description
AGE Particle of direction away from speaker and hearer; also used to express comparison
AI.1 Postposed verbal particle, oblique case anaphor
ANA.1 Post-posed particle, marking continuance of action or state
ANAKE Completely, only (postposed particle)
ANEI Interrogative particle (post-verbal)
ANOO Still, continuing
ATU Postposed particle indicating direction away from speaker
FAKA-QOTI.C Completely, exhaustively, thoroughly (post-verbal)
FOKI.2 Also; again (a postposed particle)
FUA.5A Only, merely
HAKE.B Upwards (post-verbal particle)
IA.3 Postposed emphatic particle
KOA.1 Post-posed emphatic particle
LAWA.1B Postposed verbal particle intensifying the verb
LOA.2 Intensity, immediacy (postposed manner particle)
MAI.A Particle indicating motion or orientation towards speaker
MUQA.B Postposed verbal particle of deference or politeness (Clk)
NEE Sentence final interrogative particle, tag question, isn't it?: *ne(i)
NOA.2 Postposed particle signifying non-restriction; just, only, without limit, without result
PAFA.* Perhaps
PE-AFA Perhaps: *pe-a(h)a
PEA Particle of continuity: then, still
PUU.7 Postposed particle: completely, suddenly
REKA Completely; very
TA-FAGA.B Just, only
TAMAKI.2 Exceedingly, extremely: *ta(a)maki
TIKAAI Post-verbal particle: emphatic
TONU.1B Postposed particle indicating precision

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