Protoform: POTO.3 [FJ] Gathered together, assembled

Description: Gathered together, assembled
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to FJ: Fijic

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Fijian Boto Only [Western Fijian Dialect] (Gty)
Mangareva Ara/poto/poto Ensemble d'objets différents Uncertain Semantic Connection (Rch)
New Zealand Maori Poto Be all dealt with, exhaustively dealt with, all performed, as of ritual chants (Wms)
Niue Poto/poto Gather together, assemble (of people) (vi) (Sph)
Samoan Poto/poto To assemble, to gather together (Prt)
Tokelau Poto/poto Assemble (of people) (Sma)
Tongan Po/poto (of two or more) To get along all right together (Cwd)
Tuvalu Poto/poto Congregate round a speaker (Rby)
Waya Boto The one who comes last; the lowest fish on a string (Ply)

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