Protoform: WAHA.2 [CE] Mouth

Description: Mouth
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to CE: Central-Eastern Polynesian

*0 << PN *fafa.2
*0 >> CE *taa-waha "opening"
*8 Note. MQA fafa, haha, MVA `a`a considered to be borrowed from EAS. MQA ha`avaha, MVA va`a considered to be from *wasa which falls together with *fafa in CE languages.

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
Hawaiian Waha Mouth, opening (Pki)
Mangareva Ko/vaʔa Petit espace entre deux corps Uncertain Semantic Connection (Rch)
Manihiki-Rakahanga Vaha Mouth (Krk)
Moriori Wa(ha) Mouth (Bke)
New Zealand Maori Waha Mouth (Wms)
Nuguria (V)vaha Shout (and make a lot of noise) Problematic (Dvl)
Nukuoro Vaha The mouth Problematic (Crn)
Penrhyn Vaha Mouth (Sta)
Rapa Vaʔa Mouth (Sks)
Rarotongan Vaʔa Mouth (Bse)
Tahitian Vaha Bouche (homme, cheval), gueule (autres animaux) (Lmt)
Tuamotu Vaha Mouth (Stn)

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