Kapingamarangi entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.MEQA.A Mee Thing (Lbr)
NP.MELE.2 Mele/mele Antares and two adjacent stars (Lbr)
PN.MENE Mene/mene Unable to defecate or urinate (Lbr)
PN.MENE Mene Satiated with food Uncertain Semantic Connection (Ebt)
PN.MILI M/mili To scrub; to caress; to bathe (archaic) (Lbr)
EO.MILO.1 Mila (Thespesia populnea) (Lbr)
NP.MILO.2B Mira Make a whirlpool (Ebt)
NP.MILO.2B Mila Whirling (of water) (Lbr)
MP.MIMI Mimi Urinate (Lbr)
PN.MITI.1 Midi Dream (Lbr)
PN.MO Mo And, with; from (Lbr)
NP.MOA.3 Moo/moo The jagged piece of the canoe added at the bow and stern (Lbr)
PN.MOA.4A Ta/mo Banana Problematic (Ray)
SO.MOA.5 Moo Ancient ceremony involving sexual play within the group (Lbr)
SO.MOA.5 Dagi/moo Labia majora (Lbr)
NP.MOAGA Moanga Goatfish (Lbr)
PN.MOANA Moana Deep ocean (Lbr)
CE.MOEMOE-AA.* Moe aa Sleep late to daybreak, oversleep Problematic (Lbr)
MP.MOHE Moe To lie, lying, be prone (Lbr)
PN.MOHE-GA Moenge Beclothes; sleeping area (Lbr)
PN.MOMO.B Momo Few (Lbr)
SO.MOQI-KAKA Moikaka Single smooth thread of coconut husk (Lbr)
FJ.MOKO.1A Moko. Moku (Emy). Small lizard sp (Ebt)
FJ.MOKO.1A Mogo Lizard (Lbr)
PN.MOKOPUNA Mogobuna Magic, power (spiritual) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Lbr)
PN.MOMI Momi Taste to test (Lbr)
PN.MO-MOHE Mmoe Sexual relations (Lbr)
MP.MOO-MONA Momono Delicious, of fish, flesh, fowl (Lbr)
MP.MONO.A Mono/wai Water catchment, river, well Problematic (Lbr)
SO.MOSO.1B Moeho Starling (Aplonis opacus) (Lbr)
PN.MOTO.2A Moto Not ripe, green, of pandanus, papaya (Ebt)
OC.MOTU.A Motu Break, sever (Ebt)
OC.MOTU.A Modu Ended; separated (e.g. a string) (Lbr)
OC.MOTU.B Motu Island; any reef island on which one is not at the time (Ebt)
MP.MUU.2 Muu Fish sp, porgy (Lbr)
OC.MUQA.A Mua Before (Lbr)
NP.MUI M/mui To congregate (Lbr)
NP.MUKA.1B Muga/muga Soft part near stem of young coconut (Lbr)
MP.MURI.1A Muuri After, behind (Ebt)
MP.MURI.1A Muli Behind, after (Lbr)
PN.MURI.1B Muuri End (Ebt)
PN.MURI.1B Muli Rear (Lbr)
PN.MURI-WAQE Muli wae Heel (Lbr)
PN.MULU.1 Mhuru Rub, as the back with oil, caress (Ebt)
PN.MULU.1 Mmulu Massage (Lbr)
CP.MUNA Muna Vertical movement of mouth (as in opening and closing) (Lbr)
PN.NENE Haga/neene To entice Problematic (Lbr)
PN.-NA.4 (A)/na, (o)/no Third person singular possessive plural possessed object pronoun (Ebt)
PN.NAQA.3 Naa Put up in a high place (Lbr)
PN.KI-NAA-RUA Ginaua Third person dual independent pronoun (Lbr)

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