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Protoform Item Description Source
CE.FAI.7 Whai Follow, pursue; look for, go in search of; (Wms)
CE.AI-TAGA Aitanga Descendants, progeny (Aca)
MP.QAI.2 Ai/taga Progeny, descendants (Wms)
NP.KALO-(QI)-AFI Kora Small fragment, speck; spark Phonologically Irregular (Wms)
TA.MAI-MOA Maimoa Pet, fondling; decoy, parrot; cherish, take care of (Wms)
CE.MA-HEA Mahea Cleared away (of rain); free from obstruction, clear (Wms)
CE.MA-HEA Maahea/hea Faintly perceptible (Wms)
PN.LOLE.1 Rore Weary; intoxicated (Wms)
PN.LOLE.1 Rore/rore Enervating, relaxing (Wms)
PN.MA-ISI Maihi, maaihi/ihi Scurf, dandruff (Wms)
PN.SAWALA Hawara [not glossed, but follows popore 'desire' in example] (Wms)
PN.MAQU-KOLOA Maukoroa Red paint Uncertain Semantic Connection (Wms)
PN.TAUTE Taute Prepare food for cooking; tend, look after; consider, ponder over (Wms)
PN.TOKIA Tookia, toongia, tooia Moistened, wet (passive of too) (Wms)
CE.FALAGI Wharangi Tree sp., Melicope ternata (Wms)
PN.MAALUU.2 Maaruu Gentle, easy, calm; low in tone (Wms)
TA.TA-POKI Taupoki Cover, close with a lid; lid, cover (Wms)
PN.TOQI Tooii Be moist, exude Problematic (Wms)
PN.TOQI Toi Prepare the pulp of tii para by pounding it after it has been cooked Uncertain Semantic Connection (Wms)
PN.UE.B Ue/ue Disturb (actually or metaphorically); incite, impel (Wms)
PN.FE-QILO-AKI Wheeiro(iro) To be seen, understood, apprehended (Wms)
PN.FAKA-.4 Whaka/ae Say yes, consent (Wms)
PN.FAKA-.4 Whaka/kaahore Deny, refuse (Wms)
TO.FAKA-TUU Whakatuu raakau Practise with weapons (Wms)
PN.FAKA-HURU Whakauru Insert; ally oneself to, join; assist (Wms)
PN.ENE.1 Whaka/ene/ene Dawdle (Wms)
PN.MOKO.1B Moko-taawhana Caterpillar (Wms)
PN.MOKO.1B Moko-taa A sort of death-watch [beetle], said to live in the thatch of houses... (Wms)
PN.MOKO.1B Moko/roa A large white grub, probably the larva of Prionoplus reticularis...; Cordiceps robertsii, "vegetable caterpillar" (Wms)
NP.MOKO.1C Moko/whiti, moko/hiti Fish sp.: herring (Agonostomus forsteri) (Wms)
NP.MOKO.1C Mako Shark sp. (Isurus glaucus) Phonologically Irregular (Wms)
PN.TALAAO Taraawa A fish (Wms)
EP.RURE Rure Shake something, brandish, dash upon, maltreat (Wms)
PN.HAKE.C Ake Indicating immediate continuation in time (postverbal) (Wms)
PN.HAKE.C Mea (kau) ake Immediately, soon, in a very little while (Wms)
PN.HAKE.C Ake, ake, ake Forever (Wms)
CE.PUU.6 Puu Bunch, bundle; anything growing in a bunch, tuft; heap, stack (Wms)
PN.HUI-TUQA Iwitua/raro, iwitua/roa Backbone (Wms)
PN.TUQA-SIWI Tuaiwi Back, backbone (Wms)
EP.I.2B I Preposition: simply transitive, serving to connect an active verb with its object (Wms)
CE.KOO-IWI Kooiwi Bone; corpse; person, self... (Wms)
NP.KULA.1C Kura Precious; treasure, valued possession, darling (Wms)
CE.PUU.7 Puu Exceedingly, exactly; simple intensive (Wms)
FJ.TOLO.2A Toro/papa Lie flat (Wms)
PN.TO-TOLO Totoro Creep, crawl (Wms)
PN.WAI-A Waia Wet, watery, watered (Wms)
CE.TAGO.C Tango/tango Intensifier to words signifying darkness (Bgs)
EP.PORO.2 Poro Butt end, termination; piece of anything cut or broken off short; cut short, finished, broken off (Wms)
CE.TAPARURU Taparuru Slow, dawdling (Wms)
CE.KOONINI.2 Koonini Fruit of Fuchsia excorticata Uncertain Semantic Connection (Wms)

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