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Protoform Item Description Source
PN.TAFA-QAKI Tahaki One side; the shore, regarded from the water (Wms)
NP.FAKA-KAA.2 Whakakaa Inflame, incite (Wms)
TA.KAU-ATI Kauahi Fire-bed Phonologically Irregular (Bst)
CP.LEU-LEU Reu Outer palisade of a pa Uncertain Semantic Connection (Wms)
CP.LEU-LEU Reureu A lock of hair on one side of the head allowed to grow long... Uncertain Semantic Connection (Wms)
NP.MA-SUE Mahue Laid aside, put off (as clothes); forsaken, deserted, given up; left, left behind (Wms)
PN.FAKA-TUQU Whakatuu Erect, set up, raise; propose a subject for discussion, etc.; instigate (Wms)
CP.TUAHI Tuangi, huangi, huu(w)ai, etc. Bivalve molluscs: cockle (Chione stutchburyi), (Protothaca crassicosta) Phonologically Irregular (Wms)
NP.KAU-FATA Kauwhata Stage or frame for fish, etc. (Wms)
PN.FAAGOGO.B Whaangongo Administer liquid food to anyone; food for an invalid (Wms)
PN.FANO-GA Whanonga Behaviour, conduct, doing Uncertain Semantic Connection (Wms)
PN.QA Aa, a Of, belonging to (used in speaking of transitive actions, movable property, instruments, food...) (Wms)
PN.O Oo, o Of, belonging to (used in speaking of parts of a whole, names, qualities, feelings, places occupied...) (Wms)
PN.TOE-GA Toenga Remnant (Wms)
PN.FAKA-WALE Whakaware Impose upon, beguile (Wms)
TA.FAKA-WAA Whakawaa Accuse, bring a formal charge against; condemn; investigate, adjudicate on (Wms)
TA.FAKA-WAA Whakawaa/waa Recriminate; wrangle; take counsel (Wms)
EP.FAKA-TIKA Wha(k)atika Acknowledge as right (Wms)
EP.FAKA-KORE Whakakore Deny (Wms)
PN.TEQE.2 Whaka/tee Squeeze fluid out of anything (Wms)
MP.TAPA-SI Tapa Cut, split (n); pudenda muliebra (Wms)
PN.E.3 E Vocative...often used after, as well as before a name; calling attention, or expressing surprise (Wms)
PN.PEQE-SI.A Pehi/pehi Waylay; ambuscade (Wms)
AN.FANO.1 Whana Travel, come, go Phonologically Irregular (Wms)
CE.RARE.B Rare Dull, stupid; laziness, indolence (Wms)
NP.KOPI-TI Kopi Doubled together; shut, closed; completed; gorge of a river (Wms)
MP.KOPI.A Kopi Nip between the legs (Wms)
PN.PUUPUU.4 Puupuu Bundle (Wms)
PN.PUUPUU.3 Puu Wicker receptacle for extracting oil from titoki berries or juice from tutu berries (Wms)
NP.WILI.3 Wiri Tremble, shiver (Wms)
PN.SAA-MOLE Haamore/more Bare of branches, smooth-barrelled, of a tree (Wms)
SO.KAI-MAALIE Kaimaarire Liberal, bountiful Phonologically Irregular (Wms)
CE.TAI Tai Term of address to males or females (E tai); in some tribes, restricted to addressing a woman who has borne children (Wms)
CE.TAATAI.2 Taatai Measure; arrange, set in order; recite (genealogies etc.)...join the component parts of a fishing net...line of ancestry... (Wms)
CE.TAI Tai/kuia Old woman; middle-aged woman (with some tribes) (Wms)
CE.TAI Tai/tamariki Young man, young person of either sex (Wms)
NP.LELE.B Rere Come upon one, as feelings, as fear, shame, etc. (Wms)
PN.SIKI.2 Hiki The join or seam between two widths of a floor mat (Aca)
CE.ANEI Ra/anei Giving an interrogative sense to a sentence; used to construct alternatives: whether, or (Wms)
CE.GAKI.B Ngaki Avenge; vengeance (Wms)
NP.EE-LAA Eeraa Determiner: those, away from speaker and listener (Mfd)
NP.KO-LAA Koraa (Location) over there, that place (at a distance), the place over there, there (Mfd)
PN.I.2A I (Particle) at, in, on, along, by way of - used before location words to indicate past location (Mfd)
CE.KAHORE Kaaore No, not; but, however; expressing surprise, admiration, distress, etc. 'how great!' (Wms)
CE.E KORE E kore Not, with future verb (Wms)
PN.TE-QA Taa (Particle) belonging to - combines with the dual and plural personal pronouns (Mfd)
PN.TE-QA-U Taau Second person singular possessive pronoun A-class, singular object (Mfd)
PN.TE-QA-NA Taana (Determiner) his, her (referring to one item) - often followed by a noun but can stand without one (Mfd)
TA.HEI Hei Be bound or entangled; tie round the neck, snare by the neck (Wms)
PN.TE-O-NA Toona Third person singular possessive, singular object, O-class (Mfd)

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