Rarotongan entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
CK.PUU-NIU Puu nuu Coconut palm (Bse)
CK.RAGA Ranga-ʔia To search for something (Bse)
CK.TIKAAI Tikaai, tika ai Really, definitely, certainly (Bse)
PN.TUPE.1 Tupe rauʔara A disc-shaped roll of dried pandanus leaves (Bse)
PN.TUPE.1 Tupe varaaoa Large round or square biscuit (Bse)
TA.WAERE.* Vaaere/nga A piece of land which has been cleared, weeded or partly weeded (Bse)
CE.WASAGA Vaʔanga Flat piece, fragment, bit (Bse)
CK.KORARE Koorare Lance, wooden javelin (Bse)
EC.FUGA.2 ʔUngaʔunga Pieces, fragments, crumbs; to shatter, be in pieces (Bse)
AN.AKA.A Ka/i/ʔara The aerial brace-roots of the pandanus tree (Bse)
AN.KATI Kaatinga(a ika) Biting place on the back of a fish's neck (Bse)
NP.KAU-QAMO Kauamo Carry jointly (on carrying pole, stretcher, or with linked hands) (Bse)
TA.MAA-KONA.2 Maakona Leader of a fishing party; captain of a *pua* disc-throwing team (Bse)
CK.NGAA-TEITEI Ngaateitei High rank(ing) (Bse)
TA.HAFA.C ʔEiaʔa Don't (weaker than *auraka, and often cautionary rather than imperative) (Bse)
CK.AU.2 Au Several, many (usually translatable by English plural) (Bse)
TA.FAKA-MASARA ʔAkamaʔara Remind, jog someone's memory, remember (Bse)
TA.FAKA-MASARA ʔAkamaaʔara/ʔara Remember, reminisce (Bse)
CK.HIIKOKE ʔIikoke Thin (of people and animals), gaunt, skinny, lean (Bse)
CK.FITI.4 ʔIti tangata Race, clan or tribe of people (Bse)
TA.HOROGA ʔOoronga Give something (e.g. a present, permission, information); generous (Bse)
TA.FULI-FULI ʔUriʔuri Debate, discuss, argue, exchange opinions (Bse)
TA.huri- ʔUri/ʔia Hurricane, cyclone (Bse)
PN.KAU-QAA ʔAaua Fence in (vt); any fenced or walled enclosure... Phonologically Irregular (Bse)
CE.KOI.5 Ngaa/koʔi/koʔi Quick (of pace or legs) Phonologically Irregular (Bse)
TA.MAAORO Maaoro Massage (v) (Bse)
TA.MAAORO Maaoro/oro Rub gently, fondle (Bse)
CE.MOKE Moo/moke Legendary inhabitants of the underworld, said to have very fair hair and skin, and quivering eyes (Bse)
TA.GUTU-FARE Ngutuʔare Home, household (Bse)
CK.RUUHAU Ruuʔau Old, aged; old man (Bse)
TA.UUTEE ʔUutee A song with marked four-beat rhythm, often with narrative or love interest, or composed to commemorate some event; to sing an *'uutee*. (Bse)
CE.VAI Vai/ranga Place where something is kept, container, receptacle (Bse)
CP.TUKU.A Tuku Cast or pay out net (Bse)
CP.TUKU.A Tuku/nga Fishing ground (where net is cast) (Bse)
PN.TUKU.C Tuku Release (Bge)
CK.WENE Vene Sweet, sweetness (Bse)
TA.WALE-GA Varenga Engrossed, beguiled, distracted, absorbed; become familiar, tame, lose shyness (Bse)
CE.WAE Vae Rib of boat (Bse)
CE.TAA-WAI Taavai-a, -ʔia Add liquid to something (Bse)
CK.TAU-MAAROO Taumaaroo Argue, debate; argument, dispute (Bse)
NP.TAPA-TAI Tapa/a-tai Water edge, tidemark, beach (Bse)
PN.TAKA.1B Taka/ʔua Left one one's own, esp. of a widower; someone left alone through bereavement, etc. (Bse)
EP.MEQA.C ʔE mea kino te matangi The wind was something awful (Bse)
CE.MANATAA Taa/manataa Annoy, irritate (Bse)
CK.HAAKARA ʔAakara Look at, observe, stare at (Bse)
PN.LOGA Group (of people, but not used before *ariki*, *rangatira*, *mataʔiapo* or *metua*) (Bse)
CK.PAA-KIRI Paakiri Skin, hide (of people, animals); peel, rind; bark; cover (of book) (Bse)
MP.UE.A Ue Shake, disturb, shift, realign, swing round... (Bse)
PN.GOSE Ngoʔe/ngoʔe/aa Weak, unthrifty, without vigour (of the growth of plants); apathetic, dispirited, slack (Bse)
PN.POO.1B Poo Special day, celebrated occasion: poo kai, a day of feasting (Bse)

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