Rarotongan entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.TE-QA Taa(-) 1. Prefixed to the pronominal forms -ku, -‘au, -na but written separately before the other pronouns. 2. Introducing a poss. Cplx used attributively before nominal head (Bse)
PN.TE-QA-U Taaʔau Pronominal cplx taa(-) plus -'au Your, yours (Bse)
PN.TE-QA-NA Tana/taana Poss. Pron. His, her, hers, he, she (Bse)
PN.TE-O-NA Toona Possessive pronoun. His, her(s). (Bse)
EP.E-TASI Eetaʔi Some of, certain of (Bse)
PN.TUQA-.2B Tua- Ordinal (Ply)
PN.PEE-HENI Peenei Perhaps, possibly, maybe, in case Problematic (Bse)
PN.TE-O-KU Tooku My, mine possessive pronoun (Bse)
EP.KA-.1 Kaa Used before numerals (and the numeral interrogative 'ia) when reckoning up (Bse)
PN.FAKA-QOTI.A ʔAkaoti Complete, end, finish (Bse)
PN.FAKA-RIKI ʔAkariki/riki Diminish, make smaller, reduce in size, quantity (Bse)
PN.FAKA-RURU ʔAkaruru Shelter (from rain, sea, wind) (v) (Bse)
PN.FULU-MATA ʔUruʔuru mata Eyelash (Bse)
PN.FULU-MATA ʔUruʔuru tuke mata Eyebrow (Bse)
PN.FAKA-TUPU.A ʔAkatupu To grow, cultivate (Bse)
PN.FAKA-TUPU.B ʔAkatupu Start, develop something (Bse)
PN.MATE.1C Mate Suffer (any oppressive physical or mental condition, e.g. hunger, thirst, misfortune, danger, intense desire) (Bse)
PN.MATE.1C Mate/pongi Feel hungry; hunger (Bse)
CE.FAKA-KOI ʔAkakoi Sharpen, whet (of cutting edges) (Bse)
PN.SOGO ʔOngoʔongo Stink (especially of the stench of urine and similar fetid odours) (Bse)
NP.QALA-QALA Araara Say, talk, speak (Bse)
NP.FETUQU-LELE ʔEetuu rere Shooting star (Bse)
NP.MANU.1B Manu A month marked by the star Vero-mata-utoru (Buck 1932) (Jmr)
NP.MANU.1C Manu Kite (Bse)
PN.MATA-LIKI.A ʔAakara matariki Watch narrowly, examine intently, stare hard Uncertain Semantic Connection (Bse)
CP.MAQAFU.2 Nga/mau The Magellan clouds (Sve)
EP.PI-PIRI Pipiri/maa Star names: the inseparables, the double star in Scorpio (Sve)
CE.GALO-POO-INA Ngaro/poo/ina Slip from the memory, (be) forgotten (Bse)
PN.TIPI.1B Tipi Skim (flat stone etc.) along; skim along, skid out sideways (as wheel) (Bse)
PN.TA-FOKI Taaʔoki To return; send or put back, return, replace; repeat (Bse)
CE.TEI-TEI Teitei High (in height or rank) (Bse)
PN.TUTUE Tue (Be) numb Uncertain Semantic Connection (Bse)
PN.TAU-FAA Tauʔaa Fight, struggle Uncertain Semantic Connection (Bse)
NP.PEI Pei A coconut at the youngest stage of its development (Bse)
XO.FAI-.6 ʔAi Used as a collective noun before kinship terms Problematic (Bse)
CE.FUATA.1B ʔUata Scoop-net (Bse)
CE.MA-HEA Maʔea Pause for a while (of rain) [Nga Pu Toru dialect] (Bse)
PN.MAALUU.2 Maruu Light (of the wind); easy, not arduous; mild, eased (of pain, illness); mellow and low-pitched, especially of bass voices; mild and gentle (of disposition, manner) (Bse)
NP.NAA.1 Naa There by you, associated with you (Bse)
PN.TA-QIA Taaʔia Hit, strike (passive) Phonologically Irregular (Bse)
PN.TA-QIA Taia Make a net (passive) Uncertain Semantic Connection (Bse)
AN.TUUGI-A Tuungia (Passive of tutungi) Set fire to, kindle, light (Bse)
TO.FAKA-TUU ʔAkatuu/tuu Act, dramatise, mime, practice (Bse)
PN.FAKA-HURU ʔAkauru Enter or emerge from (a passage by canoe) [ex. help to...] (Bse)
FJ.HILI Iri Rest on some support, lodge on something; have a place on board; go aground; descend or light upon one (of a title, curse, blame, or luck) (Bse)
NP.MOKO.1C Moko Lizard fish (Synodontidae) and possibly some gobies (Gobiidae) (Bse)
PN.HAKE.C Kaare ake Not yet (Bse)
PN.HAKE.C Ake/nei Just recently (postverbal) (Bse)
PN.MAGA-MAGA.A Mangamanga Multiple branching (Bse)
PN.TUQU-KEHE Tuukee Different, altered, strange queer (Bse)

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