Rennellese entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
SO.FAI-FEKAU Hai hekau To work (Ebt)
FJ.LIKA Gika To be feared, respected (poetic) (Ebt)
FJ.LIKA Gika/tia To be feared, to be frightening (Ebt)
PN.TAA.4B Taa To net, as flying fish; to scoop up, as swarms of sugumega or pogo fish in seine or net (Ebt)
PN.MEQA-KAI Meʔa kai Food (Ebt)
PN.FIA-INU Siabinu To be thirsty, to want to drink Phonologically Irregular (Ebt)
PN.QARO.B ʔAgohi gangi Visible sky (Ebt)
NP.QALO-QALO ʔAgoʔago To draw near, approach, as to meet a lover (Ebt)
PN.MA-LIGI.A (Haka-)maagingi To slope, tilt; to favor, as one of two (Ebt)
SO.TAU-LOGO Haka/taugongo To report, tell (as news) (Ebt)
PN.TAU.4 Tau/tau To swear, curse (Ebt)
XO.TAU-TAU Tautau To swear, curse (Ebt)
SO.KAI-TAQE Kai taʔe "Feces eater" (insult)... (Ebt)
OC.TIFA.1A Tiha To be or appear white, as some flowers, or sun-bleached *kie* leaves; said esp. of vertical objects Uncertain Semantic Connection (Ebt)
PN.MATA.5 Mataa ʔaa Gate, fence opening (Ebt)
NP.KAU-QAMO Kau ʔamo Carrying stick; to carry on the shoulders, as on a stick (Ebt)
PN.FAKA-RAU Hakagau To count, as mats, tapa, bags, papers, books, bundles of pandanus leaves for thatch Uncertain Semantic Connection (Ebt)
CP.TUKU.A Tu/tuku To fall or drop from a height, as stones or small fruit... (Ebt)
NP.GAE.A Ngahe To puff for breath slowly, as a dog; to squawk Phonologically Irregular (Ebt)
NP.GAE.A Ngahengahe To puff for breath, pant, breathe heavily Phonologically Irregular (Ebt)
PN.POO.1B Poo Day (in counting time) (Ebt)
PN.POO.1B Poo hia? How many days? (Ebt)
PN.TUQA-A-MATA Tuʔaa mata Eyebrow, eyelid (Ebt)
NP.TAA.1E Taa/taa To rinse, as bottle or cup (Ebt)
PN.FAKA-RUA.1 Hakagua To do twice; to cook over or for a second time; to cut in two; dissection (Ebt)
PN.NANU.A Nanu Sing after a leader, knowing song imperfectly (Ebt)
EP.KUPU.1B Hai kupu To use bad language, swear (Egt)
NP.FAKA-PILI Hakapigi(ʔaki) To stay with or near; to put in with or alongside, add; to be due to or caused by (Ebt)
PN.KAU.4 Kau Handle, as of knife, axe, paddle, wood section; long end of various things (fish, tubers, *ghape* vine) (Ebt)
PN.E.1B E, ee Preposed numeral marker (Ebt)
NO.PALALAMA Paagaba Side of a canoe Problematic (Ebt)
PN.MATE-GA Maatenga Deathly sickness, death, severe injury (Ebt)
PN.MA-LEPE Magepe To be in mourning; mourn, lament, groan with pain, regret Uncertain Semantic Connection (Ebt)
PN.TAU-TAMA Tau tama (of women) To bear or have children or a child; to have young, as a bird or animal (Ebt)
PN.SOIFUA Soihua To make profane, release taboo; to free or be free from contamination or disease, as of man or plants; to be calm; to escape or recover from sickness (Ebt)
PN.RAGI Gangi To present a heap from the offerings to a guest; such an offering (Ebt)
PN.MAFA-TIA Mahatia To be weighted down (Ebt)
FJ.HIFO.C Haka/iho To request peace ceremonially, as by presenting a gift (*tanu*). (Ebt)
FJ.HIFO.C Iho/nga Peace settlement; to have such (Ebt)
SO.VAE-LUA-A-POO Baguaapoo Late night, as between 12 and one; according to some, before midnight. (Ebt)
PN.QUGOGO ʔUngongo A wood-borer at sea that bores deep holes in floating wood (Ebt)

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