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Protoform Item Description Source
NP.SEKI Seʔi Pull up, grab, snatch, do something with a jerk (Mnr)
XW.SO-LOFA Solofa To disperse, dissipate; to resolve, as a swelling; to fall down (of a house only) (Prt)
PN.KAKU.1 ʔAʔu Attend, be present, take part; meet, reach, join up [of two things or parts of a thing] (Mnr)
PN.LAGA.1D Laga/ʔi To excite, as to fight or dance (Prt)
PN.LAU-GA Laauga A speech, a sermon (Prt)
XW.LOTE Lote-a To handle, to pull about (Prt)
TO.LUTU Lutu A rattle to attract sharks; to rattle the lutu (Prt)
TO.LUTU Lotu, ?lutu To make a hollow sound in the water with the hand (Prt)
PN.MAALUU.2 Maaluu Refreshing (e.g. of rain), sweet (of disposition); soothing, comforting (Prt)
PN.MAA-NOQA Maanoa Thread, string (Prt)
NP.NAA.1 Naa Demonstrative pronoun, plural of lenaa: those (Mnr)
PN.NUNU Nu/aga Communal extraction of turmeric (Mnr)
PN.NUNU Nunu Wash grated root (of turmeric, arrowroot, etc.) in order to extract starch (Mnr)
XW.NUTI Nuti To crush in the hand, to break in pieces (Prt)
XW.PAGO.2 Pago To forbid things being given away in hopes of getting them for oneself; to make trading difficult by suggestions made to the trader by a third party; to interfere with trade so as to injure (Prt)
XW.PAGO.2 Paago/taa Offender, transgressor, criminal (Prt)
PN.PIKO.C Piʔo Wrong, in a moral sense (Prt)
PN.PIKO.C Piʔo/i To be perverse (Prt)
PN.POLO.2 Polo A bamboo knife; to cut up or carve a fish or a pig Uncertain Semantic Connection (Prt)
PN.TAU.3 Tau To count (Prt)
PN.TAU.11 Tau To pluck fruit with the hand (Prt)
PN.TAU-QI Tau To buy, to barter; something for sale; price (Prt)
PN.TA-QIA Taia Passive of taa: strike, hit (Mnr)
PN.TURI-QI-WAQE Tulivae Knee (Mnr)
XW.MAULU Maulu To creep under, creep through; to swim under water (Prt)
FJ.TUGU.2 Tumu A hollow place in a tree where water lodges (Prt)
PN.UAKI Uai A chief's spear or walking-stick (Prt)
PN.UE.B Ue/a To be giddy (Pki)
NP.QULA-QULA Ulaula/atu A stinging mollusc (Prt)
NP.QULA-QULA Ulaula/fiti A small sea shrimp (Prt)
PN.ASA.2 Asa The fin of the bonito (Thynnus) (Prt)
XW.WANU Vanu A valley, a ravine, a chasm (Prt)
FJ.FESI.2 Fai/fesi/a To apologize Uncertain Semantic Connection (Prt)
XW.FESI-QA Fai/fesia To apologize Uncertain Semantic Connection (Prt)
PN.FE-QILO-AKI Feiloaʔi To see one another (Prt)
XW.TE-FUA Faʔa/tefua Widower; single man (Prt)
PN.FAKA-OLO Faʔaolo/olo To ask sideways by hints (Prt)
PN.FAKA-PULU-PULU Faʔapulupulu To wrap oneself up (Prt)
NP.TEQE-AGA Leaga Bad; common (of men) (Prt)
XW.QUGA-QUGA Uga Rotten, of teeth (Prt)
XW.QUGA-QUGA Ugauga Partially grey, of hair; small [ex. house] Uncertain Semantic Connection (Prt)
PN.FAKA-HURU Faʔaulu Bring (a case), enter, lodge (a claim); register, enter (in a book, list, etc.) (Mnr)
XW.FAKA-UMI-UMI Faʔaʔumiʔumi/noa To lose interest in everything through grief; to be melancholy (Prt)
XW.MAALIE.C Maalie Interjection "well done" to show approval of dancers; well, agreeable (Prt)
PN.QARO-FI-LIMA Alofilima The palm of the hand (Prt)
PN.QARO-FI Alofi The circle of chiefs; to sit in a circle, sitting round a house (Prt)
PN.KAWE.1B ʔAve Sunbeam, ray of sunshine (Mnr)
NP.MOKO.1C Moʔo The name of a fish (Prt)
NP.MOKO.1C Moʔo/tai The name of a fish, and in some places also of a sea snake (Pelamis bicolor). Name given to fishes belonging to genera Coris and Malacanthus (Mnr). (Prt)
PN.MALOAQA Maloaa To be a great talker; to get no bonito; to be free from visitors Uncertain Semantic Connection (Prt)

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