Tokelau entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
PN.LAU-GA Laauga Sermon; speech, talk; preach, give a sermon; give a speech, address (Sma)
XW.LOTE Lote(lote) Handle, touch [fiddle with] (Sma)
PN.MAALUU.2 Maaluu Calm; sweet (Sma)
PN.NUNU Nunu Work with hands in water, knead (of making edible starch from grated arrowroot) (Sma)
XW.NUTI Nuti Crush, smash, break; (of heart) be broken; hand-wash (clothes) (Sma)
XW.NUTI Nu/nuti Screw up, crumple (paper etc.) (Sma)
PN.PIKO.C Piko/piko Be full of dishonesty, be deceitful (Sma)
PN.TAU.11 Tau Pick (flower or fruit, except for coconut and pandanus) (Sma)
PN.TA-QIA Taia Be struck, be hit, be affected (Sma)
PN.TEKI.2 Teki Surprise, shock; be surprised, be dumbfounded, have a shock (Sma)
PN.TEKI.2 Teki lava Sudden, happen without warning (Sma)
PN.TOQI Toi/toi The pith of the gahu or saltbush [Scaevola] Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sma)
PN.TURI-QI-WAQE Tulivae Knee (Sma)
XW.WANU Vanu Valley, gorge, canyon (Sma)
PN.FE-QILO-AKI Feiloaki Meet, greet (one another) (Sma)
PN.FAKA-PULU-PULU Fakapulupulu Cover someone's shoulders with a shawl (Sma)
NP.TEQE-AGA Leeaga Evil, sinful Borrowed (Sma)
XW.QUGA-QUGA Uga The scale or deposit on humans' teeth (Sma)
PN.FAKA-HURU Fakaulu Hold a feast to mark the arrival of the firstborn child of a married couple; hold a ceremony to formally mark the completion of an enterprise such as the building of a canoe, house, etc. (Sma)
XW.MAALIE.C Maalie Interjection in approval of performer or speaker (Sma)
PN.WAO.B Manu kai vao Wild animal (Sma)
SO.TUKA Mata/tupa, mata/tuka Blunt, dull-edged (Sma)
PN.FOHE-MURI Foemuli Captain (or stern paddler) of canoe; the paddle used by the canoe captain (at the stern) (Sma)
XW.LEVA Leva (of events) Be a long time (since); (of things) be old, ancient (Sma)
XW.VILI.2 Vili Lot (for deciding something by chance); lottery (Sma)
PN.HUI-TUQA Ivi tua Backbone [in Eng-Tok] (Sma)
OC.SIKA.2 Hika/aga Dry wood which is held onto the ground firmly while being rubbed to and fro with the kaunatu until a fire is produced; the place on the wood where the kaunatu is rubbed to start a fire (Sma)
PN.WA-WAA Vavaa Holes in the reef which open out to the ocean, and which, at certain stages of the tide, contain particularly turbulent water (Sma)
PN.LAU-HAKAU Lauakau Reef surrounding an island (Sma)
PN.I.2A I Preposition which usually indicates position in space or time: in, on, at, with, from, by means of, by (Sma)
PN.MAQU-A Maua Get, obtain, find, catch; receive, win (Sma)
PN.TO-TOLO Totolo Crawl, move along on hands and knees; (of plants) climb, creep (Sma)
PN.WAI-A Vaia Have excess of water, be watery [ex. 'water-logged'] (Sma)
PN.FIA-MOHE Fiamoe Be sleepy; sleepiness (Sma)
NP.EQA.B Ea Be elevated, raised; released (from bondage) (Sma)
NP.KAI-GA.A Kaiga Meal; party, feast; act of eating (Sma)
NP.KELO.2 (Ke)kelo, faka/kelo A quick stealing look, glance (e.g. out of corner of eyes); to glance (Sma)
PN.MATA-QA-MURI Matamuli Be shy, reserved Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sma)
CE.OE Oe Acknowledge or answer a call by name, i.e. say yes Problematic (Sma)
PN.OFO.B Ofo Be astonished, amazed; lead off, start (a song) (Sma)
NP.PUSI-A Puuhia Be blown away (e.g. by the wind) (Sma)
NP.PUU-QOSO Puuoho The bow or stern cavity, or hold, of a seacraft; that part which is covered over at the bow and the stern by a forepeak on a traditional canoe (Sma)
PN.TUSU.B Lima/tuhi Index finger (Sma)
PN.LOLO.1B Lo/lolo Be fatty, oily; rich (food) (Sma)
PN.RAQA-KAU.B Laakau Timber, log, stick, wood; set, apparatus; musical instrument; skipjack fishing rod (Sma)
SO.KALAPA Kalapa Lizardfish (Saurida gracilis) (Sma)
SO.MUKA.1C Muka/muka (Of growing things) be tender, frail, young (Sma)
PN.TAA.4B Taa Fish for schools of fish on the reef or in the lagoon; (taa ihe) fish for half-beak, with a crowd of people in the lagoon, using a net (Sma)
PN.MEQA-KAI Meakai Food, meal (Sma)
PN.TAU-SOA Tauhoa Carry a load (between two persons) (Sma)

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