Tokelau entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
OC.WILI.1A Vili Spin, whirl; drill, bore (Sma)
PN.MA-NEKE Maneke Be lifted off the ground, rise up (Sma)
MP.MASA.1 Tai/maha Calm (of sea); calm sea (Sma)
NP.NANA.3 Mata/nana Demanding attention (of adults who are selfish and think they deserve special treatment); cry often, for attention (of babies and young children) (Sma)
PN.PA-SEKE Paaheke/heke Slippery, slimy, greasy (Sma)
NP.TEE-IA.* Teeia Singular demonstrative particle: that (away from both speaker and hearer) (Sma)
AN.TURI Tuu/tuli/vae Kneel (Sma)
PN.GANA.2B Ga/gana Language; speak out, talk (Sma)
EO.HOKA.2 Oka Husk (coconut with husking stake) (Sma)
PN.KALO-AMA Kalo Bait goatfish (Mulloidichthys samoensis) (Sma)
EC.KAMAI Kamai Fish sp.: Rainbow Runner (Elegatis bipinnulatus) (Sma)
EC.LAGAI Laga/lagai Float (for holding oneself or a catch of fish near the surface of the sea; usually a block of light wood) (Sma)
SO.MASAGI Mahagi Be off the ground, not touching the ground (Sma)
NP.TAATAI.1 (Taa)tai A traditional vessel for carrying drinking water, made from a large coconut shell with an outside covering of sennit netting, and a handle for carrying (Sma)
PN.SOKO.5 O/oko (of tide) Be at highest point; the moment just before a high tide starts to ebb (Sma)
PN.KAFA-GA Kaafaga A coiled rope, cloth, or strip of bark worn around the ankles of a man who is climbing a coconut tree, to assist the feet in grasping the trunk (Sma)
SO.FUA-QI- Fuai/kupu Sentence; statement; verse (of Bible) (Sma)
PN.POO-GIA Poogia Be benighted, be late (Sma)
PN.PUGA.2A Puga Lymphatic gland in the groin (Sma)
SO.LAA-LAA Laalaa/ila White-tipped Reef White Shark (Carcharhinus albimarginatus), when very large (Sma)
PN.SIKI.2 Hiki (in weaving a mat, fan, or hat) The finishing section where the weaving threads are turned back to lock them into place (Sma)
SO.SIKI.3 Hiki Heavy wooden club carried in a fishing canoe for killing large fish... (Sma)
SO.SIKI.1B Hi/hiki Midwife, midwifery; to be a midwife (Sma)
PN.SIKI.1D Hiki To quote, cite (Sma)
PN.TAFE-GA Taafega The strong flow of sea on the reef during a rough sea, flooding (Sma)
PN.TAFE-GA Tafega A small flow of water during low tide which is used by fish either to go outside the reef or come into the lagoon (Sma)
PN.TAFETA.A Taafeta Pool of rain water which collects in a hole on a rock (Sma)
PN.HAKE.A Ake Be washed ashore, be beached; (of fishermen or fishing expedition) come home, come ashore (Sma)
PN.PEA Pea Nevertheless; still, continuously (Sma)
SO.KI-NAA Kinaa There, at that place (near person spoken to) (Sma)
PN.EE-NAA I/eenaa Those (Sma)
EC.SEI.2 Sei Verb marker placed before vaaganaa, not unless Uncertain Semantic Connection (Sma)
PN.TE-QA Ta Particle occurring in dual and plural forms o f 1st and 3rd person definite, class-A, possessive pronouns (Sma)
PN.TE-O-NA Tona 3rd person singular possessive pronom inal adjective, definite, class-O, with singular reference. His, her, its (Sma)
EP.E-TASI Nieetahi Plural indefinite article. Some others (Sma)
EP.E-TASI Ieetahi Plural article. The other, some other, some (Sma)
PN.TE-O-KU Toku 1st person singular possessive pronominal adjective, definite, class-O, with singular reference (Sma)
NP.EE-NEI Ieenei Plural Demonstrative particle. These (near speaker) (Sma)
SO.MUQA-GA-LAQE Muaaulu Forehead Problematic (Sma)
NP.PUI-AKI Puiaki (of a breeze or wind) Be blocked, be deflected, be cut off (Sma)
PN.FAKA-TOO.A Fakatoo Make something come off (from where it is stuck, hooked etc); (of a relative) be cast out (with a curse). (Sma)
PN.FAKA-HUHU Fakahuhu Suckle, breast-feed (Sma)
PN.TULI-KI Tuli/manu The outside angle of a corner (Sma)
PN.APO Apo Support and protect with hands, cradle; heed, regard with care; pay undue attention to things which are not one's concern (Sma)
PN.FULU-MATA Fulufulu mata Eyelash (Sma)
PN.FAKA-TONU.A Fakatonu/tonu Direct, guide, correct (Sma)
PN.FAKA-TONU.C Fakatonu Instruct, organize (Sma)
MP.FULU.2 Fulu/fulu Wash (face, hands and feet) (Sma)
PN.FAKA-TUPU.A Fakatupu Make something grow (Sma)
PN.FAKA-TUPU.B Fakatupu Cause, bring about, stimulate, arouse (Sma)

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