Reconstruction Level: FJ - Fijic

Reconstruction Description
MATA.3 Social grouping of people
MATA-.4 Numeral unitiser (classifier) for ten fish
ME.2 Prescriptive mood marker
MELE.3 Speak with difficulty; clear one's throat
MOHI A crustacean
MOKO.1A Lizard
MOKO.5 Bind
MOLI.2 Bare, plain: *mo(l,r)i
MUNUA A fish
NASA Bent under tension
NASE A large fern (Angiopteris sp.) with edible root
NEE Sentence final interrogative particle, tag question, isn't it?: *ne(i)
NEFE Plant sp
NOKO.1A Backside, buttocks
NOKU Bend v
NONI.1 A tree (Morinda citrifolia)
NUKA-NUKA A shrub (Decaspermum fruticosum)
NUKU.1 Earth, land
QOFA Destroy (Rby)
OLO.1 Clump of trees, bush, hillside
ORU Mud, boggy: *(q)o(l,r)u
OPE.3 Barnacle: *(q)ope
PAKEWA.2 Fish sp. (Carangoides sp.)
PALE.3C Decline, of sun or moon
PALI.1A Cliff
PALI.1B Action of waves breaking against coast
PAAPAA Flutefish (Fistularia)
PASU.2 Thrust into, impel towards
PAATUKI Hand-fish (Cirrhites pinnulatus)
PAU.3 Tree sp
PIU.2 Throw, cast away: *pi(q)u
POLA.2 Foreign vessel
POLE.A Desire
POONIU.2 A plant (Cardiospermum halicacabum)
POTO.3 Gathered together, assembled
PUA.A (Fagraea berteroana [= berteriana]), or other tree with showy flowers
PUA-PUA.2 A tree (Guettarda speciosa)
PUQI Smell
PUKE.1A Mound of earth, heap
PUKU.1B Mons veneris
PUKU.3 Hold something in mouth (Rby)
PULEWA Marine substance/creature with stone-like or rough exterior
PULOTU.1 Abode of the gods
PULU.5 Coconuts tied together by a strip of husk. Perhaps originally ten
PULU-PULU Dog shark
PUSI.2 Moray eel
SAA.3 Verbal particle
SAFE.3 Child not weaned before mother conceives again

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