Reconstruction Level: FJ - Fijic

Reconstruction Description
TOLO.2A Creep, crawl, be dragged, or extend along the ground, walk bent over: *(to)tolo
TOLO.3 Rub, massage
TOLOA.A A large ocean-going seabird
TONU.1A Straight, right, correct
TOPE.A Lock of hair left to grow, pigtail, forelock
TOHO.B Rape, force a woman to have sex: *to(h,s)o
TOU.2 First person inclusive plural preposed subject pronoun: *(ta)tou
TUU-FONU Type of turtle
TUFU.2 A fish
TUI-TUI.1 Hawk sp
TUI-TUI.2 Candlenut tree (Aleurites moluccana)
TULE.2 Erect (of penis)
TULE-QI Push over, push down, push aside
TULI.2 A wader, probably the Pacific Golden Plover (Pluvialis dominica fulva)
QULAFI A parrot fish (Scarus sp.)
QUTU.2 Rock, crag, promontory
UTUA Rock, reef or sea-floor exposed at low tide; promontory (Rby)
WAKA-WAKA Thorax, rib-cage (Ebt)
WALA.3 Wear round waist
WASE Divide, separate
WAA-WAA.2A Intestines: *(waa)waa
WELE To weed
FASI.B Cut (yams, taro) in pieces
SAGA.1B Face, turn attention to, apply oneself to
TALI.3B Plait, braid, coil, tie up
WALE.3 Of no account, ordinary; only, just
TUGU.2 Hollow where water collects: *tu(g,m)u
POKA.4 Split, cut
TEI.2 Pre-verbal particle: nearly, almost: *t(ae)(q)i
WESA Bracelet
PENA.1A Dress hair
FIHI Entangled, confused
PUTU-KI Bring or place close together; collect, pile up
HIFO.C Be defeated, conquered, put out of office; bow down, submit

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