Reconstruction Level: FJ - Fijic

Reconstruction Description
KAPA-TIKO Fish sp. (Lethrinus sp.) (Rsr)
KAPO.1 Catch, grasp
KAPU.2 Spread over, surround, envelop
KAUA Negative imperative
KAUTE A flowering shrub (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)
KETU.1 Turn over, lift up, root up, rummage
KI.1 Preposition marking goal or recipient: to, towards
KITA.2A Tensed, as a muscle, a grip
KO.1 Preposition marking topic, nominal predicate and other functions; specifier
KOFE.A Bamboo sp
KOFE.B Artefact of bamboo
KOI.1 Shellfish sp
KORO.2 Bark (of dog)
KULA.2 Circumcision
KUNE Swell, as with pregnancy
KUTA A sedge (Eleocharis sp.) *kut(a,u)
IRI-FIA.1 Fan (v), blow (on), be blown on
LAPE A fish, Wrasse
LASU Lie, deceive
LATA.2 A tree (Metrosideros sp.): *la(a)ta(a)
RAU.3 Thatch
LEKA.2 Short, dwarf
LEKE.1 A cavity or recess
LEMO.1 Drown
LEPA.1 To lie to (of a boat), flap (of sail)
LEU Ripe
LII.1 To throw
LII.2 Tie, bind, wind round
LIKA Fear of falling, have nightmare (? of falling)
LIKU.2 Short, of a woman's skirt
ROO.1 Go, come (pl. subj.) *roo-, *roro, *oro
LOGO Silent: *(l,r)ogo
LOLO-QI.A Prepare food with coconut cream
LOTU.2 Beat on the surface of the sea, splash
LUFA Used or re-used cordage or cloth
LUKU.A Gather, hold several things together
LUNA Herb sp
MAGITI Vegetable food
MAKARI Tree sp
MAKUTU Diligent (Ply)
MALOLO Sink down, subside, fall down, collapse
MALU.B Watertight, waterproof, not leaky
MANA.3 A kind of crustacean: *mana(a)
MANOKO Small fish of several genera including Gobies and Rock Skippers
MAPO Mealy (of taro)
MASAKI-TAGA Father's sister
MASALA Be clever, know

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