Reconstruction Level: FJ - Fijic

Reconstruction Description
SAGA.1A Work, make, do
SAKE.1 Kick, raise leg or foot
SALA.2 Large, extensive
SALU.2 Seize, take by force: *sa(l/r)u
SAMA.2 Rub oil or turmeric on body
SAU.2 Strike, beat, chop
SAU.5 Return for services or a gift
SEKA (White) fungus, mould
SEWA.A Confused, in error
SII.2A To spurt; ejaculate, semen
SINU.1 Oil, grease
QAA-SIO-SIO Whirlwind, tornado, waterspout: *(qaa-)sio-sio
SOO-.2 Move, shift, shift over (Clk)
SOATA.2. Pumice
SOKA-I Brace, stay, to brace or stay
SOSAQA Weary of, sick of, fed up with
SOSO.1 Restless, troubled, insane
SULU.1B Fasten loincloth or skirt by tucking in
TAA.3 Vocative particle of endearment or respect to males
TAE.2B Hand net; catch in a hand net
TAFU.A To light a fire, burn v.t
TAKAPE A fish (Lutjanus kasmira)
TAKA-TAKA Plant sp., a grass or sedge
TAKELE.A Base; bottom (of canoe), keel
TAKUPU Booby sp
TALA.2 Narrate, narration
TALA.3 Untie, undo
TALASEA Marine creature, perhaps a sea-slug
TALI.4 Carry, convey
TA-QALO Beckon, signal with the hand
TAMOLE A fragrant plant (Portulaca sp.)
TAPAKI Take roughly, seize
TA-PONO Closed
TATAGIA A tree (Acacia sp.) (Clk)
TAU.1 Skilful at, familiar with; suitable, fitting
TAU-.7A Prefix marking reciprocal action or repeated action
TAQU.2A Preposed particle marking nouns as plural or members of a class
TAU-NAMU Mosquito net: *ta(i,u)namu
TEKE.2 Keep something upright by a stabilising support or a prop
TEKE.3 ??
TELA Upper, frontal surface; front of head of fish or animal
TIKO-TARA Kingfisher (Halcyon sp.): *(t,s)iko-tara
TILI.2 Drip
TILI.3 Strike repeatedly as in hammering, adzing (Rby)
TINI.1A Reach a goal or a tally; a tally
TIPI.2 Hip
TOFA.1A To spread something out, level
TOLA.3 Burn

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