Reconstruction Level: NP - Nuclear Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
TEQE-AGA Careless, inattentive; common
MOKO.1C Fish sp.
LANU.A Be immersed, full; rise (of tide)
TELE.3B Flow, as liquid
KAU-QAMO Shoulder carrying pole
KULA.1C Precious; treasure
TAWA.2 Bivalve shellfish sp.
LAGA.1E Part of a house: *laga(i) (fale)
MAA.7 Surgeonfish sp.
EQA.B Be released or delivered; be avenged
KAI-GA.A Meal, feast
KELO.2 Close one eye, wink, look out of one eye
KELO.1A Sink down, sunken, deep
FENUQU.B Some procedure in plaiting or braiding
PUSI-A To be blown, carried away (by wind)
PUU-QOSO Hold (storage area under canoe decking)
LOMA.2B Calm, quiet
TAKELE.C Hollow out, empty
QALI.1B A stage of the lunar cycle
QARO-FI-LAGI Visible sky, weather
QALO-QALO Confront, be face to face; be in the presence of
ALEALE.C Thin, clear, transparent (of liquid)
WELO.2 Stern of canoe
TAPA-TAI Sea shore: *tapa-(a)-tai
SUKI.B Sharp, stabbing pain
TAA.1E Wash clothes (by beating)
GAA-IPU Coconut shell container
TAE.2A To scoop up, gather, collect (Rby)
FAKA-PILI Bring close together, stay close to; attach, join, put together
ALOA To treat with kindness and respect

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