Reconstruction Level: NP - Nuclear Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
SAWANE A fish (Lutjanus sp.)
SUGALE Fish sp., wrasse
PULA.3 Fish sp.
PAU.1C Finished, over, ended
FAKA-TELE Sail (vt), steer, navigate
MAKUKU.2 Sprained, dislocated
PAA-KISI Dried up; sickly
QASA-GA.B Open sea, distant place
POGA-A-ISU Nostril: *poga(-a-)isu
PALOLO-MUQA Name of a lunar month
PALOLO-MULI Name of a lunar month
WAI.2 Name of a lunar month or season
TEE-LAA Demonstrative pronoun: that (distant), yonder *te(e)-laa
TEE-HENA Demonstrative pronoun: That (near you) *te(e)-naa
PEE-LAA Like that (demonstrative manner adverbial) *pe(e)-laa
TAU-AMA Rope connecting outrigger with canoe
FAKA-QATA.C Create an image or appearance
SEKE.1D Sail downwind
FAKA-KAA.2 Start a fire; set fire to: *faka-(ka-)kaa
OLI.2 Brandish a weapon (as challenge)
MA-SUE Rooted up
KAU-QALIKI Tree sp. (Terminalia)
KAU-FATA Platform
TUQA-.3 Numeral prefix, unit of ten crabs etc.
WILI.3 Be startled; tremble, shiver
TAATAI.1 Hanger for water container
KAKE-GA Ladder, steps: *ka(a)kega
PILI.1B Be close to, next to; joined to, together
LELE.B Possess (of a spirit, possessing a human medium)
LAU.1B Counting Classifier for flat things or some fish
EE-LAA Plural demonstrative pronoun. Those, over there, yonder.
KO-LAA Locative Demonstrative. Over there, yonder, away from speaker and addressee.
PUI-AKI Shelter from wind
TAMUMU Make low continuous noise
LALA.2 Scattered, disorderly
FAKA-TUPU.D Take the form of, appear as, be transformed into
TUQU-LAGA.A Framework, scaffolding, platform
KOI-GA Boundary
QALA-QALA Talk, converse
ALOA-MANU A star and month name:*(a,o)loa-manu
FETUQU-LELE Meteor, shooting star
MANU.1B Name of a star or constellation
MANU.1C Kite
PEI Small fruit; game played with these
LOLE.2 Rub
SEKI Grab, snatch, pull out, jerk
NAA.1 Demonstrative particle: that, there, near addressee

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