Reconstruction Level: NP - Nuclear Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
PEQE-SI.B Throw, cast; throw out, throw away, discard
PESE.1 Sing, song
PETI Be fat
PIKI-PIKI Curly (hair)
PII-WAI Undeveloped, of fruit, root crops, or young animals
POGA.2 Hole, orifice, esp. nostril or other bodily orifice
POGA.3 Scar, defect on a surface
POKE Mix; pudding made by mixing
POKO-POKO Female genitalia: *poko(poko)
POLAE Fish sp: Po(o)lae
POLI.B Tend a person to make plump and fair
POO-POO.B Make into a ball by kneading; ball
POTA Leaves eaten as greens
PUQU Base of a tree
PUU-EFU Dust; crumble, break in pieces
PUGA.2B Prominence such as a joint
PULU.1B Plug of fibrous material; to plug up
PULU.7 Hold
PUSI-LOKILOKI A kind of eel: Pusi-lok(i,o)lok(i,o)
SAE.2 Jealousy, intense grief, intense suffering; rage, fury: *sa(q)e
SAE.3 Appear
SAFE.1 Be fortunate, successful in an enterprise; to obtain
SAKA.2 Short in stature
SAKALI Flesh of mature coconut
SAQAKI.2 Sickness (Rby)
SANI.1 Graze, pass close to; touch lightly
SANI.3 Know well; be familiar with
SAPA Non-symmetrical, unequal, passed beyond point of symmetry
SASAGA Tie-beam
SAU-AQA Rude, oppressive, angry
SAU-GA.* Unpleasant odour
SAUMI.2 Forward section of canoe hull: *sa(q)umi
SAU-SAU.1 A Fish (Dendrochirus spp.)
SAWA.1 Filthy
SAWAIKI Traditional homeland
SAA-WALE Spit; saliva; slime
SE.1 Non-specific article
SEMO Become separated, slip off, be loosed; weak, exhausted
SII.2B (Have) diarrhoea
SIKA.3 Female genitals
SIPA.1 A small or immature Flying-fish
SOATA.1. Reddish
SOKO.2 Exchange, buy, sell
SOKO-.3A Just, exactly (with numerals)
SOLO.2B Food made with grated taro
SOMO.2 Grow, of plants
SUU.2 Fart
SUQA-WALE Expectorate, spittle

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