Reconstruction Level: NP - Nuclear Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
TIMO.2 Peck (as a bird)
TINA-QI Extinguish (a flame); destroy
TINI.2 Praise publicly
TII-PUTA To make a hole in something; a type of cape or poncho
TITI.1 Peg, to stick in as a peg
TOO.1B To conceive, be pregnant
T-OO.5 O-class possessive particle, subordinate.
TOGI.1B Peck, nibble
TOI.2 Urge, encourage, pull
TOKA-QALA Post-parturient complications, as retention of placenta
TOKOLAU.* Wind from north to north-west quarter
TOLA.1 Be erect (of penis)
TONA-TONA Clitoris
TOTI.1 Lame; limp, hop
TUU.1 Ground pigeon sp
TUQU.2 Belt, girdle
TUA.1 Fell, chop down
TUQA-AKAU Ocean side of reef, far out to sea
TUGAGA Rubbish heap
TUGAGE Shellfish sp
TUGA-TUGA Rough, uneven surface
TULU-KI A support
TULU-TULU.1 House post, wall post: *tu(lu)tulu
TUU-POUPOU Trumpet Fish (Aulostomus valentini)
QUU.B Reed (Miscanthus sp.)
QUFA.1 Female of animals
QUFA.2 Backsides
QULA-QULA A prawn or shrimp
-U-LUA Second person dual possessive suffix
UMELE Kind of song or chant
QUMU.1B Halo round moon or sun
USI.2 Shoot (of plants) (Rby)
USU.2 An institutionalised performance, ceremony (Ebt)
-U-TOU Second person plural possessive suffix: *-(ou)tou
WAELO Tail of animal, bird, stingray, comet; long thin appendage
WAASI Side, place, part
WALA.1 To desire, want
WALI.2 Mushy, watery, muddy
WAANAGA Speech, to speak
WASI To split: *wa((q)a)si
WATA A hole; perforated
WAWAO Separate antagonists; mediate: *wawa(q)o
WEKU.1 Disarranged, dishevelled (of hair)
WELI.2 Disgusting, repulsive
WIIWII An insect
MALA.5 Sour, bitter
LAWA-KA Abundant *la(uw)a-(k,q)a
PALE.3B To turn, lean to one side

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