Reconstruction Level: NP - Nuclear Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
MIGOI. Twist: *migo(q)i
MILO.2B Current in water, whirlpool
MITA Proud; to boast
MOA.3 Notched ornamentation at end of canoe
MOA.4B Whipping or spinning top
MOAGA Fish sp.; Goatfish (Parupeneus sp.) (Hpr)
MOI.2 A fish: *mo(q)i
MOKU Little
MOOLII Oil, lamp
MUU.3 Be silent, dumb; make inarticulate sound
MUU-FEKE Squid, cuttlefish
MUI Assemble, gather round, swarm over, cluster
MUKA.1B Immature coconut: *muk(a,o)(muk(a,o))
NA.2 Possessive particle (dominant possession): *na(a)
NANA.3 Aggressive
NANEA Sufficient
NANU.B Grumble, mutter discontentedly, complain
NAPAQA Misfortune, bad luck
NAPE.A Hitch, tuck, catch
NATI Draw tight, tie
NAU.1 A plant (Lepidium sp.)
NEFU.1 Anchovy (Stolephorus sp.)
NEI Demonstrative: here, near speaker
NEKE.1A Move oneself, edge along, crawl
NEWA.B Dizzy, confused
NIFI.1 Thin, sharp
NITI Tight, crowded (Rby): *(n,g)iti
NUAFINE Old woman, wife
NUI.1 Big
OQI.B Shake, agitate, move around
OKO.2A To reach maturity; strong
OLI.3 A type of chant or formal speech: *(oli)oli
PAA.2C Blow against (of wind)
PAA.3B Pearl-shell
PAA.6 Form of address to respected male
PAKA-PAKA Thin, emaciated
PAKE Obstinate; deceive
PAKI-AKA Root of a plant
PAKU.C Dark in colour
PAKU-PAKU Emaciated, starving
PALA.1C Excrement; soiled
PAALASI Sit on, drop on
PA-LEMO To drown
PALE-TAI Foredeck, splashboards or washboards of a canoe
PANOKO Fish spp. including Blennies
PAPA.3 Box
PAA-PAKU Shallow: *pa(a)paku
PAATEE.1 Slit-gong; make resonant percussive sound (as e.g. a bell)
PATI.2 Ask, cajole, coax

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