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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Tongan PN.FONO.1B Fono Plank used in the construction of a boat
Anuta FJ.FONO.2A Pono Gather, assemble
East Futuna FJ.FONO.2A Fono Deliberative assembly
East Uvea FJ.FONO.2A Fono Réunion, délibération, assemblée, conseil
Fijian FJ.FONO.2A Vono Deliberative assembly
Hawaiian FJ.FONO.2A Hono Rite at the end of kapu loulu rituals, during which chiefs sat without shifting positions while a kahuna prayed for as long as an hour
New Zealand Maori FJ.FONO.2A Hono Assembly
Niue FJ.FONO.2A Fono Council, parliament, meeting
Pukapuka FJ.FONO.2A Wono/wono/tia Chant ref. to planning for a voyage Problematic
Rennellese FJ.FONO.2A Hono A ritual, priest chiefs performing such, sorcery
Samoan FJ.FONO.2A Fono Deliberative assembly
Tahitian FJ.FONO.2A Hono/a An agreement, a plot Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia FJ.FONO.2A Fono Harangue
Tokelau FJ.FONO.2A Fono Meeting, conference, rally
Tongan FJ.FONO.2A Fono Deliberative assembly
Tuamotu FJ.FONO.2A Hono Retinue
East Futuna PN.FONO.3 Fono le kava Vivres manges apres le kava
East Uvea PN.FONO.3 Fono Food eaten with kava
Fijian PN.FONO.3 Vono Part of ceremonial feast given to warriors
Rotuman PN.FONO.3 Fono Food eaten by chiefs with kava . Borrowed
Samoan PN.FONO.3 Fono Provide food to accompany kava , cold food
Tahitian PN.FONO.3 Hono Food taken by the ava drinkers after their drink
Tongan PN.FONO.3 Fono Food served with kava
Tuamotu PN.FONO.3 Hono/kava Food served with kava
Tuamotu PN.FONO.3 Hono Food/drink to disguise unpleasant taste, side-dish with intoxicating beverage
West Futuna PN.FONO.3 Fono To eat in the traditional manner after drinking kava
Kapingamarangi AN.FONU.2 Hono Green sea-turtle
New Zealand Maori AN.FUFU.1 Huhu Larva of beetle sp. (Prionoplus reticularis)
West Uvea EP.FUNAOGA.* Funonga, fononga [chez les jeunes] Beau-parent de toute sorte: beau-père, belle-mère, gendre, bru, beau-fils, belle-fille, beau-frère, belle-soeur Problematic
Sikaiana CP.GOGO.1 Nono (Anous stolidus)
Hawaiian PN.GOGO.2 Nono Oozing, seeping out (as water in the sand)
Takuu PN.GOGO.2 Non/nono Part of the body (Brain ?) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tongan PN.PAKIA.1 Pekia To die (honorific); death, decease, fatality
Rennellese PN.GUTU-KAO Ngutukao A kind of porpoise said to have a longer snout than the samono
Anuta EO.HAA.1 Aa Interrogative pronoun: What? Why? Huh?
West Futuna NP.MAANIFI Manifi (Monodactylus argenteus [moonfish])
Tongan CP.HINA Ine/ina Honorific for mo`uifa, stick which burns slowly, remaining aglow Problematic
East Futuna XW.SUU.3 Suu Prier, supplier; faire une supplique; amende honorable; demander pardon; s'abaisser, s'humilier
Tahitian FJ.KAMU.1 A/amu A glutton; voracious, gluttonous; corroding, spreading, increasing as rust or disease
Marquesas NP.KANO-FI-MATA Konohi mata. Korohi mata (Lch). Blanc de l'oeil
Anuta PN.KAU.6 Kau First person singular pronoun used as subject in active constructions
East Futuna PN.KAU.6 Kau First person singular pronoun. Non régis.
Niuafo'ou PN.KAU.6 ʔAu/kou/eau/nau First person singular preposed pronoun
Rennellese PN.KAU.6 Kau Portmanteau pronoun, first person singular, I Problematic
Samoan PN.KAU.6 ʔOu/oʔu First person singular exclusive conjunct verbal pronoun (pre-basic)
Tikopia PN.KAU.6 Kau First person singular pronoun, short form
Tokelau PN.KAU.6 Koo First person singular preposed pronoun
Tongan PN.KAU.6 Kau/ku/ou/u First person singular exclusive preposed pronoun
West Uvea PN.KAU.6 Gu First person singular preverbal pronoun
West Futuna PN.KAU.6 -Gk/-nk/-g/-n/-h/-ah First person singular preverbal enclitic pronoun. Problematic