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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Ifira-Mele SO.AMA Ama Kind of plant used for face-paint
Pukapuka SO.AMA Yama Yellow butterflyfish (Chaetodon ephippium) Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna AN.AMO.1A Amo/sia Wipe, rub; massage. Passer la main une fois, caresser (Rve).
Samoan SO.AMA Sama Turmeric powder mixed with oil and used as a remedy for scabies ; to colour the skin with turmeric
Tikopia SO.AMA Ama Turmeric pigment, ritually applied
West Futuna SO.AMA Ama Kind of tree whose root is grated for spice
East Futuna PN.QAMANAKI ʔAmanaki Hope, expect, prepare (for) (Bgs)
East Uvea PN.QAMANAKI ʔAmanaki S'attendre a, esperer
Niue PN.QAMANAKI Amanaki Be prepared, be ready; hope, look forward to
Pukapuka PN.QAMANAKI Manaki Hope, long for
Rennellese PN.QAMANAKI ʔAmanaki Ask, urge, incite
Rotuman PN.QAMANAKI ʔAmanaki Intend, purpose Borrowed
Samoan PN.QAMANAKI Amanaʔi Stockpile (food, etc.)
Tokelau PN.QAMANAKI Amanaki Have expectation with confidence
Tongan PN.QAMANAKI ʔAmanaki Expect, hope, look forward to
Mangareva EO.AMI Ami Matière qui se trouve dans certaines écrevisses
Mangareva PN.QAMIO Amio (_matagi) Vent qui vient de tous les cotés, qui souffle par saccades
Tokelau PN.QAMIO Aamio Manners, ways, actions; behave, conduct oneself Problematic
Rennellese AN.AMO.1A Amo, ama Rub gently, anoint, caress, make smooth
Kapingamarangi PN.AMO.1B Amu Twirl coconut fibre for making sennit
Nukuoro PN.AMO.1B Amu Twirl fibres; fibres for making rope or cloth
Rennellese PN.AMO.1B Amo Make smooth, as strands of string
Takuu PN.AMO.1B Amo Twirl Coconut husk for making sennit
East Futuna PN.HALA-MATUQA Ala matuʔa, Lamatuʔa Vieux sentier qui fait le tour de Futuna
Samoan PN.QAMO Amo Yoke stick resting on a man's shoulder
Marquesas PN.AMU Amu/amu Injurier, ridiculiser à cause des défaits naturels; mauvais gout, mauvaise odeur.
Rotuman PN.AMU Amu Make a contemptuous grimace at
Samoan PN.AMU ʔAmu/sia Be mocked, made fun of
Tikopia PN.QAMU-TIA Amutia Exclamation of dismay, envy etc.: oh, alas!
Marquesas CE.ANA.1 Ana. Aʔa (MQN) (Lch). Marquant que l'action se fait actuellement. Indique la concomitance d'une action avec une autre (Lch). Emphasis (Mtu).
Penrhyn CE.ANA.1 Ana Particle marking continuity
Pukapuka PN.QANA.1 Ana Mosquito net made of Pandanus matting Problematic
Tahitian TA.AA-NANAFI Aanaanahi Demain
Sikaiana AN.ANE.A Ane White-ant. A small insect similar to a caterpillar that eats crops (Dnr).
East Futuna NP.AA-NEWA Aaneva(neva) Fatigué, lent. s'étirer (quand on est mal réveillé) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Atiu NP.AA-NEWA Aaneva/neva Giddy, dazed (Mauke, Atiu)
Emae SO.ANO.2 Nu/mai Come
West Uvea SO.ANO.2 Nu/mai Venir
Sikaiana EC.ANO.3 Poo/ano A leaf ball made from eight strands of leaf
East Uvea PN.QANOIHA Anoia Apres-demain
Vaeakau-Taumako SO.QANU.2 Anu/makina Celebrate with dancing
Vaeakau-Taumako SO.QANU.2 Anu/(ma)nga Dancing
Rotuman AN.QANUFE Aniha Caterpillar, maggot
Marquesas CP.AO.1 Ao Ramasser soit avec la main, soit avec un filet au bout d'une perche
Takuu CP.AO.1 Ao Gather up small items (rice or sand) from a flat surface; scoop up
West Uvea CP.AO.1 Ao(fia) Ramasser en une poignée, dans le creux de la main ou dans les deux mains jointes
Penrhyn NP.AO.2 Aao/a Undergrown and malformed coconut fruit that has no inner shell and contains neither flesh nor water Problematic
Takuu NP.AO.2 Aa/moko Early stage of coconut growth: small, some elongated, with no liquid inside; [of coconut] deformed with no meat or water
Tokelau NP.AO.2 Ao Grossly malformed coconut with no juice or meat
Samoan PN.MO-QI Moʔi/moʔi Small