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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
West Futuna PN.TALAKISI Tarakesi Squirrelfish (Adioryx and Flammeo spp.)
Hawaiian PN.MATE.1C Make Desire, want; to want
Hawaiian CE.MATE-KAI Make ʔai Hungry
Hawaiian CE.MATE-WAI Make wai Thirst; thirsty
Nuguria OC.GATA.1A Kata Snake (generic); also sea eels and intestinal worms Phonologically Irregular
Takuu OC.GATA.1A Kata Moray Eel, snake, tapeworm and other similar parasites Phonologically Irregular
Nuguria PN.TIQAKI Tiake Remain, stay (behind); be abandoned, left behind Phonologically Irregular
Tongan PN.ALA Ala Put out one’s hand; touch, finger or meddle with (ki); to put one’s hand to the work, to take an active part in it
Rennellese PN.HALA-MATUQA Aga o maatuʔa Trail taken by gods or ancestors Problematic
New Zealand Maori CE.KOKO.2 Koko-tea, koko-uri Large and small Magellanic Clouds (Makemson 1941)
Pukapuka EP.PI-PIRI Pipili-maa Name of two stars in Scorpio (Makemson 1941)
Tongan PN.SUMU.3 Humu A dark patch of nebulosity near the Southern Cross (Makemson 1941), presumably the Coal-Sack.
Tuamotu PN.SUMU.3 Humu-iti, Humu-nui Constellations (Makemson 1941)
Samoan PN.SUMU.3 Sumu The Southern Cross (Akerblom 1968). A cluster of stars -- the sumu (fish) and toloa (duck) were taken up to heaven and became signs (Prt).
Tongan PN.TAAKELO Takelo Two stars in the northern sky, so named because of their ruddy colour (kelo) (Makemson 1941).
Tuamotu CE.WERO Vero-mata-utoru Brightest of all stars (Makemson 1941)
New Zealand Maori CE.WERO Wero-i-te-ao-marie, Wero-i-te-aro-marino, Wero-i-te-kokota, Wero-i-te-ninihi, Wero-i-te-wawana, Wero-i-te-whakataka-pungarehu Star names (Makemson 1941, Best 1922b)
Tongan FJ.QARA Aa To awake
Tongan AN.RANO Ano A lake; a marsh; a bog
Tongan PN.QAWE Ave To take away, to deprive of; to conduct
Tongan PN.KAPA.1 Kapa-si To take, capture (a town or fortress)
Samoan PN.TIPI.1B Tipi To give a back handed blow; to play "duck and drake"
New Zealand Maori PN.TIPI.1B Tipi Glide, skim lightly along the surface; play at ducks and drakes; a short club thrown by hand at close quarters
Tongan AN.FAFAGO Fafango To awaken
Tongan AN.FOAKI Fooági To make a present; to give; given
Tongan AN.FARU.1 Faoo To take away by main force, or by virtue of superior rank or authority
Tongan AN.FOLAU Felow To navigate, to make a voyage; a canoe, a fleet of canoes, a voyage
Niue PN.FAI-QUMU Faiumu To cook food in a traditional earth oven, to make an earth oven
Samoan PN.FAI-QUMU Faiumu To make or cook a baking of food; a cook
Anuta PN.FAI-QUMU Pai umu To make oven (i.e. prepare food in an earth oven)
Rennellese PN.FAI-QUMU Haiʔumu Oven, stove, saucepan, kitchen; to make an oven
Tongan PN.TOGI.2 Fe/tongi To change or exchange for something else; to take the place of...
Niue PN.TOGI.2 Fe/togi/aki To take turns in carrying a load; to share problems or grievances. To change about, to exchange by turns (McE).
Tongan PN.FILI.2 Fili/hi To overturn, to make topsy-turvy, upset
Tongan EO.FAKA-.1 Fucca To make, to fashion, to cause to be done
Tongan PN.FAKA-QITA Fucca-ita To affront, aggravate, make angry, displease; to pout or look displeased
Tongan AN.KAI.1A Ky. Ge/na. To eat, to take a meal. To champ, to munch, to devour, to eat; to corrode or canker, as iron or cloth, with age and exposure
Tongan PN.GAOSI Gnahi To make, to fashion, to repair
Takuu PN.FAKA-SIKU Hakasuki Make something into a tail
Tongan AN.SALA.1 Hala. Halla. An error; to err. To miss, to fail, to blunder; wrong, amiss; a mistake
Tongan MP.SIKO Hico To take up any thing that has been collected together; to tuck up, as one's dress; the name of a gamedress
Rennellese PN.SOLO-QI.* Sogo Rub; to be funny, amusing. to joke, make fun of
Tongan OC.LASE Lahe Lime, which they make from coral
Tongan CP.LAGA.1A Langa To build, to make
Tongan PN.LAGA.1C Langa To make a pole used to break the ground for planting yams
Tongan PN.LEQO.2 Leo To watch, to be awake; a sentinel
Fijian PN.LULU.3 Lu/lulu Shake hands
Ifira-Mele PN.LULU.3 Ruru Shake; earthquake
Kapingamarangi PN.LULU.3 Lulu To shake; to jerk fish line (e.g. bottom fishing)
Kapingamarangi PN.LULU.3 Ruru To shake, as a hand; to jerk