Protoform: TIQAKI [PN] Abandon, reject, throw away, leave

Description: Abandon, reject, throw away, leave
Reconstruction: Reconstructs to PN: Polynesian

*1 Cf. PN *tii.2 'throw'

Pollex entries:

Language Reflex Description Source
East Futuna Tiʔaki Cast out, reject (Bgs)
East Uvea Siʔaki Rejeter, abandonner (Btn)
Kapingamarangi Diiagi Release, let go; abandon, leave behind (Lbr)
Luangiua Kiaʔi Let, permit, allow Problematic (Smd)
Niue Tiaki To throw away, omit, do away with, stop, abandon (Sph)
Nuguria Tiake Remain, stay (behind); be abandoned, left behind Phonologically Irregular (Dvl)
Nukumanu Tiaki (pl. ttiaki) Divorce; allow, let; leave (place), leave behind, take leave of; neglect; forsake (Trt)
Rennellese Tiʔaki Abandon, leave, desert (Ebt)
Samoan Tiaʔi Abandon, get rid of (Prt)
Sikaiana Tiaki Leave behind; divorce; permit, allow (Dnr)
Takuu Tiiake Leave something behind, abandon, quit; leave, drop; let, allow, permit Phonologically Irregular (Mle)
Tikopia Tiiaki Abandon, reject, discard (Fth)
Tokelau Tiaki Throw away, discard, get rid of; leave, abandon (Sma)
Tongan Siʔaki Reject, throw away, cast aside (Cwd)
Tongan Chiagi To throw away, to leave, to separate from a wife or husband, to divorce (Mar)
Vaeakau-Taumako Siaki, siakina (obs.) Leave, throw away, split (Hvn)
West Futuna Vi/tjake/a Partir, quitter (Rve)
West Uvea Moe/tiakina S'endormir avant les autres (Hmn)

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