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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Moriori PN.AWE.A I/awe Soot
Tongan XW.QAAVE-A ʔAavea Carried away, as by a spook; distracted
Tokelau PN.EQA.A Ea Surface (v); look up, raise (the head)
East Uvea MP.QAFATO Ofato Large grub in wood
Rotuman XW.EFE Efe Refuse of grated coconut or arrowroot after mixing with water and squeezing out Borrowed
New Zealand Maori OC.QEPA Whaka/epa/ Horizontal parts of tiiwhana tattoo design
Takuu OC.QEPA Epa Coconut leaf mat in a clan elder's house on which the elder lies, and on which very sick people are ritually treated; woven container for turmeric powder stored inside a section of large-diameter bamboo
Rennellese NP.ESI ʔEsiʔesi Taboo, treat with respect or reverence Problematic
Rennellese PN.QETE-QETE ʔEte/ʔaki Be under strict taboo, sacred, not promiscuous
Tongan PN.QETE-QETE ʔEte(ʔete) Walk on toe, heel, edge of foot (as when sore)
Samoan PN.QEWA Eva To take a walk, especially by moonlight; to go about, to wander at will; to walk at liberty
New Zealand Maori PN.EWE.1 Ewe Rough surface of sawn wood
Pukapuka EP.WEWE.B Veve Worn out, exhausted (resources), as of poor people; poor, destitute
Nuguria PN.FAQA.3 Ha/fa Cut (wood)
Tongan PN.FAQA.3 Faa To burst or split open (sep. of something containing liquid); (of river) to overflow, be in flood
Penrhyn AN.FAQA.1 Haa/niu Midrib of coconut leaflet; thin rod of the aerial root of the pandanus
Rotuman AN.FAQA.1 Faʔa A food made from taro leaves Borrowed
Sikaiana NP.FAEKO Haeko Blood of man or animal; very, excessively; bad, cruel, unkind
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.FAQELE Haile Look after (vi)
Vaeakau-Taumako SO.FAFA.3 Haha Rope to steer sail with. Stay ropes tied onto wooden arms of sail (Lch). Sheet (to control sail) (Gge).
Niue PN.FAA-FAA Faafaa Look out for someone, reconnoitre. Find out, check (Sph). Uncertain Semantic Connection
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.FAA-FAA Hahaa Search for, look for something you do not know where is
Luangiua AN.FAFAGO Haŋoo To wake up (someone)
Rennellese PN.FAFAI Hahai To chip smooth or plane, as a canoe
Fijian PN.FAFALI Vali Detach fish from hook, meat from shellfish, shellfish off rocks; separate, disentangle
Kapingamarangi PN.FAFALI Haali Shovel, scoop up
Nukuoro PN.FAFALI Hhali Scoop up (of solids only)
Sikaiana PN.FAFALI Hhali Scoop up faeces or vomit (usually with a coconut shell)
Marquesas XE.FAFI Fafi Petit paquet; (___ tapu) nourriture offerte à l'occasion des fiançailles. Paquet de nourriture (enveloppé et cuit au four); food parcel (wrapped and cooked in earth oven) [Southeast Marquesan Dialect] (Atl).
Anuta OC.FAFIE Papie Firewood
Easter Island OC.FAFIE Hahiie Thick root
East Futuna OC.FAFIE Fafie Firewood
East Uvea OC.FAFIE Fafie Firewood
Fijian OC.FAFIE Vavi Cook in earth oven
Emae OC.FAFIE Fafie Firewood
Ifira-Mele OC.FAFIE Fafie Firewood
Nukumanu OC.FAFIE Hie Firewood
Nukuoro OC.FAFIE La/hhie. Ra/hie (Crn). Firewood
Luangiua OC.FAFIE Hie Firewood
Vaeakau-Taumako OC.FAFIE Vahie [TAU], hahie, fafie Firewood
Sa'a OC.FAFIE Hahi Cook in earth oven
Samoan OC.FAFIE Fafie Firewood
Takuu OC.FAFIE Ffie Firewood
Tikopia OC.FAFIE Fie, ra/fie Firewood
Tongan OC.FAFIE Fefie Firewood
West Futuna OC.FAFIE Fie Firewood
Anuta AN.FAFO Papo Outside. Outdoors (Fbg).
Ifira-Mele AN.FAFO Fafo Outdoors
Tokelau AN.FAFO Fafo Outside, out of doors, exterior
Mota MP.FAGA.1A Waŋana Pull out, as tooth