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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Easter Island PN.MATA-QA-MUQA Maataamuʔa Ancestor
Easter Island OC.MUQA.A Muʔa In front of. Front (Wbr).
East Futuna OC.MUQA.A Muʔa Before, in front; past time (future in certain contexts)
East Uvea OC.MUQA.A Muʔa Before, front
Niuafo'ou OC.MUQA.A Muʔa Before (space, time) Problematic
Rennellese OC.MUQA.A Muʔa Front, before, ahead
Tongan OC.MUQA.A Muʔa Front; space or place in front or further forward
Rennellese PN.MUQA.B Muʔa Particle following nouns and verbs, expressing doubt, uncertainty, hesitation and deference
Tongan PN.MUQA.B Muʔa Please; with your permission; if I may
East Futuna PN.MUQA-KI Muʔaki En premier lieu, d'abord
East Uvea PN.MUQA-KI Muʔaki Premier
Rennellese PN.MUQA-KI Muʔaʔaki To lead, direct
Tongan PN.MUQA-KI Muʔaki To be the first or leading person(s) in, lead theway
Samoan PN.MUKA.1A Muʔa (of new growth) Tender, young, green
Luangiua NP.MUKA.1B Mu/muʔa Very young coconut (no flesh inside)
Samoan NP.MUKA.1B Muʔa A young cocoa-nut with the kernel half formed
East Futuna PN.TAU-MUQA Taumuʔa Proue
East Uvea PN.TAU-MUQA Taumuʔa Prow of a canoe
Tongan PN.TAU-MUQA Taumuʔa Prow of a boat
East Futuna PN.TOO-MUQA Tomuʔa D'abord, auparavant
East Uvea PN.TOO-MUQA To muʔa D'abord; auparavant
Tongan PN.TOO-MUQA Tomuʔa Be or happen first
Rennellese PN.TUMU-QAKI Tumuʔaki Rooftop above ridgepole, top of head
Tongan PN.TUMU-QAKI Tumuʔaki Summit, highest point, centre; crown of head
Tongan PN.WAI-MUQA Vai-muʔa The second month in the old Tongan calendar
Samoan PN.MUKA.1A Muʔa/muʔa (of trees, young person) Green, immature
Tongan PN.LISA-MUQA Liha-muʔa Name of the first month in the old Tongan calendar
East Futuna PN.LISA-MUQA Lisa muʔa Onzième lunaison futunienne (premiers grands vents: décembre) (Gzl)
East Futuna NP.PALOLO-MUQA Palolo/muʔa Cinquième lunaison futunienne (aout). Sirius (Jmr).
Rotuman CP.TAUME Jamuʔa Branching flower and fruit stem of coconut or fan palm
Easter Island OC.MUQA.A Ko/muʔa o te rima Palm of hand
Easter Island OC.MUQA.A ʔI muʔa Before
Mangareva PN.MA-SANI Muʔani S'apprêter à, travailler avec soin
Niuafo'ou PN.TOO-MUQA Toomuʔa Early
Niuafo'ou OC.MUQA.A Ki muʔa Before (time)