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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Rennellese OC.LAGO.2 Gango/suki Support v
Takuu MP.SIKU.A Suki Tail of a bird, lizard or fish Phonologically Irregular
Takuu PN.SIKU-MATA Sukimata Outer corner of the eye, top of cheekbone beneath eye
Bugotu MP.SUKI.A Suki Pierce, impale, prick
East Futuna MP.SUKI.A Suki Pierce, stick into (as hypodermic needle)
Emae MP.SUKI.A Suki/a Stab
Ifira-Mele MP.SUKI.A Suki/a Pierce, stab
Nggela MP.SUKI.A Suki To prick; to lance a boil, vaccinate, inject, bleed; to sew; to plug a small hole
Nguna MP.SUKI.A Suki Pierce
Rennellese MP.SUKI.A Suki Pierce, puncture, sting; plant (seeds or cuttings)...
Rotuman MP.SUKI.A Suki Cut, gouge out, dig
Sikaiana MP.SUKI.A Suki Pierce, cut open
Takuu MP.SUKI.A Suki Insert pointed object into something: impale, pierce (esp. a coconut for drinking), prod for sea worms using a pointed stick, caulk a canoe by pushing koka fibres into joints; tuck in the loose folds of a laplap
Tikopia MP.SUKI.A Suki Stick in, penetrate, pierce
West Futuna MP.SUKI.A Suki/a Pierce, stab, sew
West Uvea MP.SUKI.A Suki-a Percer; poignarder, piquer [Heo Dialect]
Takuu PN.SIKU-SIKU Sukisuki Tip, extremity, narrow end, tip of a branch, upper area of a tree where the trunk begins to narrow; indicates the end of a limb or the adjacent tendon Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana PN.SIKU-MATA Sukimata To watch [archaic] Uncertain Semantic Connection
Sikaiana PN.SIKU-SIKU Sukisuki End of a coconut branch {paakele}, sometimes used to mark land reserved for a person to collect coconuts {uiki} Phonologically Irregular
Takuu PN.TAFA-QULI Tahauri Fish [Caranx sp.], second growth stage between lluhe and sukimana
West Futuna MP.SUKI.A Su/suki (WFU), sug/sugi (ANI) Comb for hair
West Uvea MP.SUKI.A Fe/suki (objet) Piquant (p.ex.: cactus)
Sikaiana MP.SUKI.A Suki/suki To peck, as chickens do; to eat, as insects do
Sikaiana MP.SIKU.A Suki/suki The end of a coconut branch... Phonologically Irregular
Vaeakau-Taumako MP.SUKI.A Suki To stab Phonologically Irregular
Takuu PN.FAKA-SIKU Hakasuki Make something into a tail
Takuu PN.FAKA-SIKU Inoa hakasuki Surname, family name
West Uvea NP.SUKI.B Fe/suki (Douleur) lancinant
Tuvalu MP.SUKI.A Suki Horn, incisor, canine tooth
Tuvalu MP.SUKI.A S/suki To stab; give an injection
Tuvalu MP.SUKI.A Ma/suki/suki To pain, ache; to have stabbing pains; (of cold) biting