Entries from Crook 1998 in Pollex-Online

Crook, W. P., S. Greatheed, et al. (1998). An essay toward a dictionary and grammar of the Lesser-Australian language, according to the dialect used at the Marquesas (1799). Auckland, The Institute of Polynesian Languages and Literatures.

Language Item Description
Marquesas Annehháia When (alluding to time past)
Marquesas Koéka, koéna An amusement or diversion of any kind
Marquesas Fafá, háha (NKH) Mouth
Marquesas Fáiki Breadfruit or the tarro root cut in pieces... and baked in a plantain leaf with the expressed juice of the cocoa nut kernel
Marquesas Hánna To be warm in affection or anger
Marquesas Fattuté Thunder
Marquesas Ku/kúme To strangle, smother, extinguish
Marquesas Gúku The green dove
Marquesas Ie(hh)ai A negative, not, cannot
Marquesas Fekké A species of fern, called by voyagers the Cabbage Tree
Marquesas Fettu/tóu An anchor
Marquesas Feda To go up from, seawards Problematic
Marquesas Abbobó Some time hence
Marquesas Ne/nnáhhu, kà/káhhu To bite
Marquesas A A path
Marquesas Háme A man's garment worn round the loins
Marquesas Kaheika A fruit, called by Voyagers the red Apple
Marquesas Koppe A large species of arum, the Arum Costatum of Parkinson
Marquesas Koví The chin or jaw
Marquesas Goutei Shrub bearing a scarlet flower
Marquesas Káia The shell of a tortoise
Marquesas Káihhu Brown
Marquesas Kéko The meat of vegetables, or of the bodies of animals, in distinction from the shell or bones; the lean of meat in distinction from the fat
Marquesas Ie(hh)ai, ieái A negative, not, cannot
Marquesas Kogú A tree bearing bitter berries
Marquesas Kóua An old man
Marquesas Komí The testicles
Marquesas Kopáiu Mackerel, smaller than ours
Marquesas Oupó-o A species of pepper
Marquesas Kúe Mother or aunt
Marquesas Kúwa Red, applied to feathers, cloth etc. imported to the islands, also to the scarlet berries or peas used in their ornaments
Marquesas Pá-e óeóe A cap of cloth besmeared with or soaked in cocoa-nut oil
Marquesas áihhu Wood-ashes
Marquesas Núhwe A caterpillar; a dog
Marquesas Nútu The lips; the beak of a bird
Marquesas Máhhe To wrestle
Marquesas Munnó A small species of shark
Marquesas Makkaréde, makkieé Cold, or the cold
Marquesas Mobúna A grand Child
Marquesas Màrí A depository of dead bodies and principal place of worship
Marquesas Maioú Small fry of all kinds
Marquesas Maroro Flying-fish
Marquesas Manumanu An insect. Moucherons (Lch). Insecte (Atl).
Marquesas Méyo A tree, Thespesia populnea, Parkinson
Marquesas Múgo, mugomugo The bud of breadfruit &c.
Marquesas Muná A kind of ring worm, a tetter
Marquesas Ko/fá-a The wood of the *fa-a*; a spear made from it
Marquesas Kuéi A watersnake or eel
Marquesas Ko/fáou [= fáou] The *purou* tree; an ornament for the ears made from the wood of the *fáou*
Marquesas Ko/fáou [= fáou] The *purou* tree; an ornament for the ears made from the wood of the *fáou*