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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Aco To teach; also to learn
Tongan Acoo, ecoo, eˈoocoo My own, mine, my
Tongan Aców-fanna A bow
Tongan Acóy, coy You
Tongan Afá A hurricane, a storm; boisterous weather
Tongan Afe A thousand
Tongan Afé When (used only in a future sense)
Tongan Afi-nima, afe-nima The palm of the hand
Tongan Afi Fire
Tongan Afi-váë The sole of the foot
Tongan A/hái. Co/bai [sc. co/hai]. Who?
Tongan Ahi Sandal wood
Tongan Ahi-ahi To try, essay, endeavour; an essay or endeavour
Tongan Aho Daylight; a day; the daytime
Tongan Ahoo Smoke; soot
Tongan Ai, gi-ai. Y. There, in that place. A corruption of ai, there.
Tongan I´a. A/ia. The pronoun he; also the possessive pronoun his.
Tongan Alanga A haunch; a limb
Tongan Ali Bald (a term applied only to the parts of generation)
Tongan Alo The suet of a hog; also the circular piece cut out round the navel of the hog, to embowel it
Tongan Alo, Tow/alo. To paddle. To row, or to paddle.
Tongan Alo-alo To fan
Tongan Aloonga, gi-aloonga High, lofty. Above, aloft, on, upon.
Tongan Aloonga A pillow; any thing to rest the head on
Tongan Amo To carry on a stick between two men's shoulders; the stick so used is also called amo
Tongan Amoochi, hamoochi To snatch, to pluck
Tongan Ana A cavern; a ship's cabin
Tongan Ana His own
Tongan Anga A shark
Tongan Anga Habit, custom, knack; the disposition or temper of the mind; place or situation of any thing
Tongan Angi. Ange. To give; towards (third person). Alike, similar to each other; a frequent sign of the adverb; also a sign of the comparative degree.
Tongan Aniafi Yesterday
Tongan Anibó Yesternight
Tongan Anife When (used only in a past sense)
Tongan Aniný Just now; some little time ago
Tongan Aniwiha The day after tomorrow
Tongan Ano A lake; a marsh; a bog
Tongan Anoo Saliva; to spit
Tongan Aný Presently, by and by
Tongan Aoo A cloud
Tongan Aˈoochia To grow cloudy
Tongan Aˈoonga Of use; valuable
Tongan Api-api Crowded; full; as a road crowded with men; a basket full of any thing
Tongan Ata Reflecting, shining, resplendent; to reflect as a mirror; also, transparent
Tongan Atá Wide; capacious
Tongan Ate The liver
Tongan Ate-bili The kidneys
Tongan Ato To roof; to thatch
Tongan Atoo To give; towards (with second person)
Tongan Atoo The fish called Bonito