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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Catagi Patience, sufferance; to endure, to suffer
Tongan Cato A bag; a basket
Tongan Catooanga A feast, feasting and jollity; to give a feast
Tongan Cawna Bitter; brackish
Tongan Cawna Intoxicated
Tongan Chi The name of a plant
Tongan Chi To throw, or cast away gently, to toss
Tongan Chichi An ornamental dress round the waist for either sex, made generally of leaves of the chi tree
Tongan Chiagi To throw away, to leave, to separate from a wife or husband, to divorce
Tongan Chibi A slap, a blow from a club; a particular kind of club
Tongan Chicotá A species of bird; a particular kind of club
Tongan Coocoo The muscle (shellfish)
Tongan Chifa A mother o'pearl shell, worn as an ornament by men, upon the breast, hanging by a string round the neck
Tongan Chike To sit on the haunches
Tongan Chila The sprits of a canoe
Tongan Chili To cast a hand-net
Tongan Cobenga chili A hand-net
Tongan Chiod/ófa A term of friendly salutation..; also a term of pity, as, poor fellow!
Tongan Co A particle very frequently used in the Tonga language...
Tongan Co Uncircumcised
Tongan Coa. Fucca coa. Froth, foam. To spume, to froth.
Tongan Coa Papalangi Soap
Tongan Cobenga Any kind of net
Tongan Cobechi The leaves of the paoanga, dried and embroidered with the fibres of the cocoa-nut husk, so as to form an instrument for imprinting gnatoo
Tongan Coca A brownish red juice, from the bark of a tree also called coca...used to stain or dye gnatoo with
Tongan Cochi To cut with scissars; to cut the hair of the head
Tongan Cocoho Eruption of a volcano, or of fire, vapour, steam
Tongan Coe/ni This
Tongan Cofe The bamboo
Tongan Cofoo To inclose, or wrap up
Tongan Cofoo To clothe
Tongan Coia Well done! that's right! truly
Tongan Co/ia That (relative pronoun)
Tongan Coi/há. He-ha. What? which? why? what is the matter?
Tongan Colo A fortress
Tongan Coloa Riches, property, any thing of value
Tongan Möóni. Co-möóni. Truth; actual, trusty. Indeed it is true/
Tongan Conga A piece
Tongan Nima-coo With the loss of a finger
Tongan Nifo-coo Toothless, having lost a tooth
Tongan Coocoo To grasp; a handful
Tongan Coola A species of the paroquet; beads
Tongan Coola-coola Red
Tongan Cooloo-cooloo A species of the dove (the columba purpurata)
Tongan Cote Gibberish, jargon, chattering of birds; the speech of foreigners [including Fijians but not Samoans]
Tongan Cotoa Mass, whole, bulk; complete, entire
Tongan Cotóa/bé Wholly
Tongan Covi Bad, malicious; a bad design, a wicked intention
Tongan Cow Many; sign of the plural number, but only used when speaking of men, or of brute animals
Tongan Cow Stalk, stem