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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Au. Co-au. C/ow. The pronoun I. It is I; I, in answer to the question, who?
Tongan Ava A fish resembling the mullet
Tongan Ave To take away, to deprive of; to conduct
Tongan Awla Name of a kind of tree of which spears are made
Tongan Awta. Otta-otta. Raw, not cooked
Tongan Awta-awta Dirt; filth; refuse; sweepings
Tongan Bawlo The name of a shrub
Tongan Bawlo papalangi Capsicum
Tongan Bea. Be. Then, next after that. The conjunction, and, also.
Tongan Be/a The conjunction, or
Tongan Beca-beca The swallow (a bird)
Tongan Becoo. Pecoo. Blunt, not sharp; obtuse
Tongan Behe So, in this manner, alike; to signify, to give another to understand; to relate, to say; to resolve or determine; to show or exhibit
Tongan Beito A kitchen or place where cooking is carried on
Tongan Bela Purulence, corruption, pus; to suppurate
Tongan Bele A favourite; a minion
Tongan Beloo Cups to drink out of, made of the banana leaf
Tongan Bepe. Pepe. Butterfly
Tongan Bico Crooked; curved; awry
Tongan Bigi. Bigi-bigi. To cement; to stick; to adhere. Adhesive, sizy, to stick.
Tongan Bihi To splash
Tongan Bihi/a Contagious
Tongan Bili A species of lizard
Tongan Bito Full; brimful
Tongan Bito The navel
Tongan Bo A post; a pillar
Tongan Bo/bói, bói A preparation of food
Tongan Boca To castrate
Tongan Bolata The stem either of the banana or the plantain tree
Tongan Bolotoo An imaginary island to the NW of Tonga, the residence of the immortal gods, and of the souls of deceased chiefs and matabooles
Tongan Méë A dance; to dance
Tongan Bongi-bongi To-morrow; to-morrow morning
Tongan Booa A kind of flower resembling the Jiali, but yellow
Tongan Booaca Swine; pork; pig,&c.
Tongan Boóboó A gargle; to gargle
Tongan Boo/booha Sultry, hot
Tongan Boo/boola, boola To swell
Tongan Booge To apprehend; to seize hold of; to arrest
Tongan Booge The little hillock or mound in which a yam is planted
Tongan Booge Those parts of a double canoe extending beyond the platform
Tongan Boogoo-boogoo Squab; short and thick
Tongan Booha A box; a chest
Tongan Boohi To blow any thing out of the mouth with force; also the name of the party that distribute the bait for rats, which is done by blowing it forcibly out of their mouths
Tongan Booi booi A curtain; a screen
Tongan Boole To order or conduct, to manage, to declaim
Tongan Boole-boole Spotted, party-coloured
Tongan Booló Veiled, concealed, something thrown over the head and face, to veil, to mask
Tongan Booloo The husk of the cocoa nut
Tongan Booloo Gum, pitch, or any adhesive substance
Tongan Booloo-booloo To draw up the dress so as to cover the shoulders, to shelter