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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

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Tongan I/á-oo-é. I/á-whé. Oiáooé. Oiaoo. Interjection: ah! An interjection of disdain. Alas! An expression of pity or pain, surprise.
Tongan I A fan
Tongan How To come, to approach
Tongan How A king, the supreme chief (not as to rank, but power)
Tongan Hotooa pow A demon
Tongan Hootooa An immaterial being, as a god, spirit, &c.; also any evil by the infliction of the gods, a bodily complaint, a boil. This word sometimes applies to foreigners.
Tongan Hoóö. Taste or flavour
Tongan Hoóö To till the land, to clear a plantation; also a wooden implement used for digging, &c.
Tongan Hoonoo To singe
Tongan Hooli A sprout from the root of a plant, a sapling
Tongan Hooi A bone; also a needle or pin
Tongan Hoohoo The female breast, the teat of any animal; milk
Tongan Hoogoo To dive, to immerge
Tongan Ho The possessive pronoun, your
Tongan Tabooni To shut; a bolt or bar
Tongan Taboo Forbidden, illicit; also sacred, consecrated, under a prohibition, any thing forbidden to be eaten or touched
Tongan Táàˊgi To deracinate, to pull up
Tongan Tabili Bellows, also blowing the fire with the breath
Tongan Táàˊfi An obstacle, to obstruct
Tongan Pacáwla The corpse of one slain in battle
Tongan Te, té-té/ Almost, well nigh.
Tongan Chino The body, the trunk of a tree; figure, or form of any thing, dimension, size
Tongan Chinifoo The wife of a king, or superior chief
Tongan Taw The sugar-cane
Tongan Pachi To clap the hands
Tongan Tootooe Thin, emaciated
Tongan Toogoo To allow; to bequeath; termination of labour
Tongan Palla A sore, an ulcer; to fester, to suppurate; the name of a disease
Tongan Pali The os pubis; the share bone
Tongan Pale To parry a spear or arrow
Tongan Pale To push or shove along, as a canoe in shallow water
Tongan Pagíā To impinge, to fall or strike against, to squash
Tongan Motoloo. Gimótóloo Ye, you, your (used only when three or more persons are signified)
Tongan Bawla Matting made of the branches of the cocoa-nut tree, with which houses are thatched
Tongan Lohi Falsehood, assumed conduct; to lie, to assume
Tongan A A fence
Tongan Aców Wood; any sort of club
Tongan Toonga A pile, or heap; a row of plantain or banana trees; a sign of the plural number of animated beings
Tongan Lia-lia Disagreeable to the sight, abominable, brutal, filthy
Tongan Loóö A hole, a pit, a valley
Tongan Gete The abdomen, the belly, the stomach, the gizzard of fowl
Tongan Ger The sign of the infinitive mood, to; also of the subjunctive or potential mood, that
Tongan A Of or belonging to (used only before proper names of persons and places)
Tongan Aa To awake
Tongan Abi Habitation; home
Tongan Abó To-night
Tongan Abongi-bongi To-morrow
Tongan Aca A root
Tongan Aca To kick; a kick
Tongan Achi Through; bored through; to pierce through