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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Boona To fly, to vault, to jump high in the air; to rebound as an elastic body
Tongan Boonó To incline, to bend down, to droop, to stoop
Tongan Bo-oola A night dance
Tongan Bo-ooli Night
Tongan Bootoo Burial ceremony
Tongan Bopau A small paddling canoe made of a hollow tree
Tongan Bopo Rotten, mouldy
Tongan Boto Wise, cunning, knowing, expert, well practised
Tongan Boto-boto Round, circular
Tongan Botoo Alongside, near to, the side of any thing (except of man or animal); a part of, a portion, a detachment
Tongan Botoo fonnooa A district
Tongan Ca If, for, because, whilst
Tongan Ca But, although
Tongan Cabe A certain plant
Tongan Caca To climb
Tongan Ca/caha Lighted in flames, kindled
Tongan Cacala. Namoo cacala. Any flower, a wreath or necklace of flowers. Sweet scent (as of flowers); odorous.
Tongan Cacano Pulp of fruit. &c.
Tongan Cacava To sweat, to perspire
Tongan Cacców To swim, to wade
Tongan Cafa Plait made of the husk of the cocoa-nut
Tongan Cafo A wound in battle; or at least with a warlike instrument; to wound
Tongan Cafoo Any covering with which a person may be covered whilst resting or sleeping
Tongan Cahi Scrofulous indurations of the glands, to which the Tonga people are very subject
Tongan Caho A reed; an arrow for sport
Tongan Caho-caho A superior species of the yam
Tongan Cahoa A necklace
Tongan Cainga, Kyinga. A relation; a kin; one of the same party or interest. A relation or kinsman.
Tongan Caký Inhabitants; population; populous
Tongan Calanga To roar out; to shriek; to halloo; s shout
Tongan Calava Artery; vein; sinew
Tongan Cali A pillow (made of wood, after the Tonga fashion)
Tongan Calia A double sailing canoe
Tongan Cálo To turn aside an arrow; or to parry any weapon
Tongan Calo/a A cockle
Tongan Camo To give the wink; to hint by nodding the head
Tongan Cana Sponge, spongy
Tongan Canahe The fish called mullet
Tongan Ca/nái/fý́ To be sure! certainly!
Tongan Cananga Any phrase, proverbial expression; cant word
Tongan Cani If; in case that (used only in respect to time past)
Tongan Cano The inmost substance of any thing, particularly kernels of fruit; also flesh
Tongan Cano he matta The eyeball
Tongan Cano matte Lean of flesh
Tongan Capa A siege; to besiege
Tongan Capa/chia To assault, to besiege
Tongan Cápaców The wing of a bird
Tongan Capów If (used only when speaking of time present or future)
Tongan Cappa-cappa To flap the wings with a noise, as a bird
Tongan Cata To laugh