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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Cow Bunch
Tongan Cówá A fence
Tongan Co-ooáhe The cheek
Tongan Ców-ców To bathe; to foment
Tongan Mya. Cow-mya. A cord or rope. Cordage.
Tongan Cow-nanga A female servant, or attendant
Tongan Cow-oofi A parcel of yams, twenty in number
Tongan Tow. Cow-tow. War, an army, a battle by land, the enemy; to wage war, to invade, in a state of war. A body of warriors; an army; an ally.
Tongan Cow-vaca The crew of a vessel
Tongan Váë. Cow-váë. The foot, leg, paw, mark. The leg.
Tongan Vale, valea. Cow-vale. Ky-vale. Mad, insane, foolish, crazy, delirious; ignorant. A pack of fools. Greedy, gluttonous.
Tongan Cownatoo The stick which is forcibly rubbed on a flat piece of dry wood to procure fire
Tongan E The sign of the third person singular of the future tense
Tongan Effe/nioo Grated cocoa-nut after the emulsion is pressed out
Tongan Efoo Ashes; dust
Tongan Egi A chief; a god; a noble; the head man of a party
Tongan Eho Fetid; putrid
Tongan Elelo The tongue of any animal
Tongan Elo Stinking, putrid
Raga Ilaw. Iloa. Eloa. To ascertain, to see. To perceive, to detect, to understand. Having the knowledge of; being acquainted with.
Tongan Fucca elo Communicative
Tongan Emo To lick
Tongan Ena There
Tongan Enga Turmeric
Tongan Eni. Gi-heni. Here; in this place. Here, hither, to this place.
Tongan Enne The possessive pronoun: his, her, its
Tongan Eva To walk
Tongan Fa The numeral four
Tongan Fa Hoarse
Tongan Fa Capable of; apt to be or to do; ready at; skilled
Tongan Fa Industrious in agriculture
Tongan Fa-boole Eloquent
Tongan Fa-cawle Importunate
Tongan Fachi, fetchi To break; to dislocate; to sprain; broken; disjointed. To break, to starve, to snap in two, split
Tongan Fáë Mother
Tongan Fáëfine The armpit
Tongan Fa/eho A stinking breath
Tongan Fáële Parturition; childbirth; also the period of confinement
Tongan Fá-fá To feel, to grope about
Tongan Fáfa To carry on the back
Tongan Fa/fanga To feed; to nourish; to supply with food
Tongan Fa/fango To whisper
Tongan Fafango To awaken
Tongan Fafaoo To fill up, to stuff full, to load, to burthen
Tongan Fa/fatoo To curl, to fold up
Tongan Fe/hooi To inquire, an inquiry, a question, to request advice
Tongan Fafine A woman, a female of any animal, a daughter
Tongan Táca/bé Unmarried (applied only to females), whether a widow or not
Tongan Ohana A husband or wife, a spouse, a married person; to marry
Tongan Matooa. Motooa. Fafine motooa. An old man. Age, old, state; (of bread-fruit, yams, &c.) full-grown, ripe; to wear away with age. An old woman, a widow, also a wife.