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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Foonga The beach; the deck of a vessel; the top or summit of a hill where it is flat; the top of any thing
Tongan Foo-o Afresh, anew, new
Tongan Foo-ó-vaca To build canoes
Tongan Fooö/hági To lie along on the ground with the face upwards
Tongan Foota To boast
Tongan Foote Effort; to strive with muscular energy, to struggle
Tongan Fota The ceremony of pressing a chief's foot upon the belly of a person taboo'd; also, their method of compressing the skin to relieve pain
Tongan Fotoo manáva The right auricle of the heart
Tongan Fow A frontlet, a fillet round the forehead, headband, a turban of any sort
Tongan Fow A substance used to wring out cava ,&c.
Tongan Fow/agi To load, to freight, &c. as a basket, a canoe
Tongan Fucca To make, to fashion, to cause to be done
Tongan Fy A fish called the sting-ray
Tongan Fygnata Difficult, arduous
Tongan Fygnofooa Easy to be accomplished, easy
Tongan Fytoca A grave or burying-place
Tongan Fucca-fe-tai To thank
Tongan Fucca-hoohoo To suckle
Tongan Fucca-láä To bask in the sun; insolation, exposure to the sun
Tongan Fucca-ma To abash
Tongan Fucca-manga To open the mouth, to gape, to gasp
Tongan Fucca-mata To sharpen
Tongan Fucca-nofo To seat, or cause to sit
Tongan Fucca-afoo-mate The name of the ninth lunar month
Tongan Fucca-afoo-möoói The name of the tenth lunar month
Tongan Fucca-ofa To caress, to fondle
Tongan Fucca-áta To aim
Tongan Fucca-ilonga To betoken, to note, to mark, to trace; omonious
Tongan Fucca-ita To affront, aggravate, make angry, displease; to pout or look displeased
Tongan Fucca-ochi To conclude, to perfect; to extirpate, to demolish
Tongan Fucca-taha To adjoin, unite to, coalesce, connect, interlace; to league, to be in company with; together, inseparate
Tongan Fucca-tow To barter, truck, or deal with, to commute, to lay a wager or bet
Tongan Fucca-tonoo To demonstrate
Tongan Fucca-tooboo To beget, to cause to spring up, to grow
Tongan Ge. Ge chi. Yet. Insufficient, i.e. yet a little.
Tongan Gea A species of the breadfruit
Tongan Gele A dike, a ditch, to dig, to intrench, a bank of earth
Tongan Gele-gele Earth or mould, the ground
Tongan Gelea A couch [sc. conch]
Tongan Gelemootoo The common earth-worm
Tongan Gemo. He/gemo. The eyelash, to wink. In the twinkling of an eye.
Tongan Ky. Ge/na. To eat, to take a meal. To champ, to munch, to devour, to eat; to corrode or canker, as iron or cloth, with age and exposure
Tongan Gehe Different, differently; apart, separate, separately; removed; uncommon
Tongan Gehe-gehe Elsewhere
Tongan Gi At, to, into; than; towards, among; against, opposite
Tongan Gia The gorge or throat, the neck
Tongan Gi-botoo On one side, towards
Tongan Gi-hage Upwards
Tongan Hifo. Gi-hifo. Down, below. Downwards.
Tongan Lalo. Gi-lalo. Below, deep, the bottom. Below, down, downwards.