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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Fia-fia Delight, gladness, joy; pleased, delighted; conceit or pride arising from rank, abilities, extraordinary actions, &c.
Tongan Fia-ky Hunger, hungry
Tongan Fichi To fillip, to snap with the fingers
Tongan Fucca-fichi To apologize Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tongan Fi-fie Firewood, fuel
Tongan Fiha How many?
Tongan Fili To select, to choose, to guess; a choice; to strive, to search; an adversary, to contend with
Tongan Fili An adversary
Tongan Fili To strive, to search, to contend with
Tongan Fili/hi To overturn, to make topsy-turvy, upset
Tongan Fili/ange To throw over, to turn on one side
Tongan Filo Thread, string; the perinaeum
Tongan Fioo To satiate, to have enough of; satisfied, tired of
Tongan Fitoo The numeral seven
Tongan Foa To burst, to crack, to break to pieces
Tongan Foccatoó On end, endwise, to set up on end; to heap up, to collect together, to jumble together, to amass
Tongan Foffolla To unfold, to spread out
Tongan Fofonga The visage or countenance, appearance; a feature of the face
Tongan Foha. Fawha. A son. Offspring, son or daughter.
Tongan Fohe A paddle
Tongan Fohi-fohi To peel, to strip off as bark &c.
Tongan Foi Cowardice
Tongan Foi. Foi oofi. Foi níoo. One, or rather a whole, bulk, ball, or head. One yam. One coconut.
Tongan Foký A species of the lizard
Tongan Foli Round about, encircling; to circumvent, to surround; to spread about (as vegetation)
Tongan Folo To swallow
Tongan Fonno To inlay
Tongan Fonnooa Land, clime, country round about, a people
Tongan Fono A public harangue on matters, generally of civil policy; also a decree made on such occasions
Tongan Fono The food that is eaten at cava parties; also the act of eating it
Tongan Fononga A walk, a journey by land, a jaunt
Tongan Fonongo Hark! to listen, to harken
Tongan Fonoo A turtle
Tongan Foo To clap the hollow palms of the hands together
Tongan Foo-aców The vegetable kingdom, a tree, a plant
Tongan Fua Fruit, blossom; bearing fruit
Tongan Fooa To carry a parcel, or burden
Tongan Fooa The shape; size, dimensions
Tongan Fooa-fooa A pimple, any eruption on the skin, a carbuncle, &c.
Tongan Foóa/fooánga Pumice-stone
Tongan Foochi To haul, to pull; to deplume (as to pluck a fowl)
Tongan Foochi, fooji The plantain
Tongan Fooe A whisk used to keep off flies
Tongan Foofoó To hide, to conceal, to disguise; retired, hidden, snug, concealed, disguised
Tongan Foo/foola, foola Swollen, protuberant, bloated, large-bellied; intumescence
Tongan Foo/fooloo To wash; lavation, washing
Tongan Foohoo Boxing
Tongan Fooli All (in number, not mass, or quantity of bulk)
Tongan Fooloo Hair of the body
Tongan Fooloo-fooloo Hairy