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Martin, J. (1827). An account of the natives of the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, with an original grammar and vocabulary of their language, compiled and arranged from the extensive communications of Mr.William Mariner, several years reside in those islands. Edinburgh, Constable and Co.

Language Item Description
Tongan Fooági To make a present; to give; given
Tongan Fooanga A grindstone, a whetstone
Tongan Gnaoóë Employment, work
Tongan Fagnawta. Fangawta. Shell fish of any kind, to gather shell fish. Shell-fish, the act of picking up shell-fish on the beach at low water.
Tongan Fahe, fahe-fahe To split, to rend, cracked, broken, separated off
Tongan Fäíte The posture in which the women sit on the ground, not cross-legged as the men, but with the legs doubled up on one side
Tongan Fáïva, fyiva Knack, dexterity, slight of hand
Tongan Fala A mat to sleep on
Tongan Faligi, falligi To pave, to floor
Tongan Falle A house
Tongan Faló To stretch in point of length
Tongan Fananga A fable, a fictitious tale
Tongan Fanga Beach, shore
Tongan Fango Oil of any kind
Tongan Fango-fango To blow the nose, also flutes blown by the nose
Tongan Fanna A mast
Tongan Fanna To shoot as with a gun or bow
Tongan Fanna-fonnooa Great guns, ord[n]ance, cannon
Tongan Fánów Pregnancy, childbirth
Tongan Fánów Progeny, offspring, to bring forth young
Tongan Fáö A peg, a nail
Tongan Faoo To take away by main force, or by virtue of superior rank or authority
Tongan Faoo To load, to burthen, to stock with
Tongan Fata A shelf, a loft; a hand-barrow
Tongan Fata fata The chest, the thorax
Tongan Fátongía A tax, impost, work to be done to discharge a tax
Tongan Fatoo To fold or wrap up; furl (sail); a bale
Tongan Toola. Fa/toola. Bald, bald-headed. Beardless.
Tongan Fatoo The stomach
Tongan Fy, fe To do
Tongan Fe. Gi-fé. I/fé. Where, what place. Where? whither?
Tongan Feców To bid, command, order; a message, an order
Tongan Feféca Strong, athletic, sturdy; hard, hardness, stiff, inflexible
Tongan Fei/a To effect, to do
Tongan Feke-feke The ague
Tongan Fe/kita To congrete, to salute, to hug
Tongan Fekke The fish commonly called cat-fish
Tongan Fekkika A certain kind of tree
Tongan Fekký A disposition to devour, or bite mankind, applied to cannibals or to any animal that bites or eats men...
Tongan Fele/oko Storehouse for yams or other garden food
Tongan Fele/óco A store-house
Tongan Felow To navigate, to make a voyage; a canoe, a fleet of canoes, a voyage
Tongan Feoo-feoo Coral
Tongan Feoomoo To cook
Tongan Fetai Thanks
Tongan Fetama Gestation, pregnancy
Tongan Fe/tongi A turn to work to relieve another (In the sea phrase, a spell)
Tongan Fetoó A star, a planet
Tongan Fi To twist, to plait
Tongan Fia Want, being without; to want, to desire to be, or to have