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Stimson, Frank (n.d.) Ra'ivavaean Dictionary. Typescript.

Language Item Description
Ra'ivavae Ariʔi King, prince...high or predominant chief...
Ra'ivavae Aro Front, forepart; face, upper surface; appearance, semblance
Ra'ivavae Arooha To feel love...grieve for...to show sympathy...feel kindness, to be generous...
Ra'ivavae Arooha To salute at meeting or parting
Ra'ivavae Aru (obs) To pursue
Ra'ivavae Ata Cloud; shadow, reflection; semblance, form, appearance; to appear momentarily, as the moon from behind clouds
Ra'ivavae Ate The liver of fish, pigs, or fowl
Ra'ivavae Ate/vaevae The calf of the leg
Ra'ivavae Atea Clear, open, unobstructed; far off, distant, removed in place
Ra'ivavae Ati To tear, bite, strip with the teeth, as coconut husk or sugarcane Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae *Ati ? A sub-tribe, gens, family (now only in proper names)
Ra'ivavae Ato To thatch
Ra'ivavae Atu Particle of removal from the speaker: thither....
Ra'ivavae Atu The bonito fish
Ra'ivavae Atua A god, divinity, deity....
Ra'ivavae Atua The fourteenth night of the lunar cycle
Ra'ivavae Ature A variety of fish (similar to, but smaller than, the goggler)
Ra'ivavae Au A thatching needle; to pierce with a needle-like implement; to sew
Ra'ivavae Aaufaŋa An archery bow Phonologically Irregular
Ra'ivavae Au I, the first personative
Ra'ivavae Au Bile, gall; the gall bladder of a fish
Ra'ivavae Au War-like essence or spirit; an emanation (steam, vapor, smoke); a shade, ghost, apparition
Ra'ivavae Taua (pl. aua) That, those
Ra'ivavae Aua A variety of small whitish fish
Ra'ivavae Auaŋa The mouth of the vagina...
Ra'ivavae Auahi (mod.) Fire
Ra'ivavae Au/auahi (mod.) Smoke
Ra'ivavae Aute A variety of paper-mulberry (Broussonetia papyrifera)...with reddish inner bark...
Ra'ivavae Ava A pass, entrance, channel through the reef
Ra'ivavae Ava A variety of fish
Ra'ivavae Avatea Midday; the period from about ten o'clock a.m. to two o'clock p.m.
Ra'ivavae Aʔa The root of trees or plants
Ra'ivavae Aʔe Go up upon, onto; rise, mount, ascend; flow (of tide)
Ra'ivavae Aʔe Particle indicating a slight removal in space or time, a movement upwards from below, or somewhat more in the comparative degree
Ra'ivavae Aʔo Decide, intend, make up one's mind to do; (mod.) counsel, advise, instruct
Ra'ivavae Aʔu A variety of billfish
Ra'ivavae E Expletive particle which personalizes or personifies the substantive affected
Ra'ivavae Ehu, ihu Roiled, disturbed, agitated (as the sea)
Ra'ivavae Ei Particle of purpose: that, in order to, for
Ra'ivavae Eie These (demonstrative plural)
Ra'ivavae Ero Pus, semen
Ra'ivavae Haaeru To wipe the rectum
Ra'ivavae Faito (mod.) To be equal, the same in quantity or degree; a measure, quantity, amount; a likeness
Ra'ivavae Faanaʔo To be lucky, have good fortune Borrowed
Ra'ivavae Farero A variety of branching coral (the pointed tips vary in thickness...hard...may be used to drill holes)
Ra'ivavae Faʔo Having a snuffling nasal impediment to thespeech, as when the soft palate is damaged Borrowed
Ra'ivavae ŋaa To breathe, take breath...draw in a deep breath...suck...assuage passion or desire by sucking
Ra'ivavae Gaaehe/ehe To make a soft rustling or rattling sound
Ra'ivavae ŋaŋahi/ata Dawn; the period including (and just prior to as well as following) the dawn
Ra'ivavae ŋaaŋaia The fairy tern Phonologically Irregular