#81: Places.

Reconstruction Description
AAREA Unoccupied space; interval between two objects
FAFO Outside
FALA.2 Grave
FUGA.1 (Upper) surface
GA-AKE East: *ga(a)ke
GAA-NEQA Place, locality, spot, area
GAA-TAI Coastal area, seaward (Ebt)
HEKE-GA Sitting, standing or walking place
KI-LAA Locative Demonstrative. Over there, yonder, away from speaker and addressee.
KI-NAA Locative demonstrative: there (near you)
KI-NEI Here, this place
KINA.4 Place
KOTI-GA Boundary, limit
KUGA Corner, place, area
LALO.A Below, under
LAU.3 Surface area, expanse, breadth, size
LOTO.A Inside
LUGA Above, top (locative noun)
MATA-KAINA Village, home place
MUQA.A Front, before
MURI.1A Behind, after, to follow, be last
MURI.1B Back end, lower end, piece, part
NAHO Hollow: *na(f,s)o
PITO.2 End, extremity; small piece
POTU.1 End, piece, section; end of a village; sleeping area at end of house
QALUGA.1 Above
QARO.A Front, face
ROTO-PUU Middle, amongst, between
TAFA-QAKI Border, edge, side
TAFA.1A Side, edge; beside
TAU-TAFA Edge, border (Rby)
TELA Upper, frontal surface; front of head of fish or animal
TIFI Tip, point, extremity
TUMU-QAKI Top of head, summit, highest point
TUMU-TUMU Top, tip, summit
TUQA-A-KOI Boundary, division: *tuqa-(a)-koi
TUQU-GA.1 Standing place, act of standing, position, site
TUQU-RAGA Standing place; site, location; position, rank; time
UA-LOTO Centre, middle
VAASIQA Interval of space or time
WA-WAA Empty space, chasm
WAA.2 Interval (of space or time)
WAHO Outside
WAI-RAGA Place where something is kept

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