#13: Posture.

Reconstruction Description
APO Raise hands (or weapon) in defense or threat
FAA-ITE.D Sit on ground as women do, with both legs close together and extended to one side
FAALOO.B Stretch (the body), extend (arm), crane, peer to see better
FAATAI.1 To sit in a certain way
FAGA.1B Spread legs: *(fa)faga
FAKA-PEKE Fold or contract body
FAKA-TAFA Be on one side, go to one side; step aside, get out of the way
FALALA.A Lean, stoop; slant *fa(a)lala
FAQO.2 Lie facing up or down (with directionals)
FARO.2B Stretch (the body); stretch out a limb; stretch to see or reach
FELA To spread wide open (esp. legs); open out
FIRINAKI Lean on; rely on
FULI-TUQA Turn one's back on
INO-QI Lean over, bow, fall *(i)no(q)(i)
KAPA.1 Stretch out hands, reach for, grasp (Clk): *ka(ka)pa
KOO-TUA Reverse side, back; turn back towards
LOFA.1 Bowed down (as with sorrow or fatigue)
LOKU Bent, bowed down
MA-FAO Stretched, lengthened
MA-FELA Opened out, spread open
MA-SIKE Rise, stand up
MA-TIKE Stand up, arise
MALOLO Sink down, subside, fall down, collapse
NOFO Sit, dwell
NOKU Bend v
OI.1 Withdraw, turn away from
PAALASI Sit on, drop on
PAATERO Dart forth, protrude
PEKE.2B Crouch, hunch up in fetal position; fold limbs
PIKO.B Bow, stoop, bend down
POU.2 To lower the head, plunge headlong
PUNOU Bow down
QALO-QALO Confront, be face to face; be in the presence of
SIGA.A Fall over, topple over
SOOPUU To extend
SURU.A Bend forward, fall headlong, dive
TAAGAKI Turn and look at
TAKOTO Lie down
TAUPE Hang, droop, bend down: *(ta(a))upe
TII-PAPA Lie face down
TII-RAFA Be lying on one's back
TIKE.1A Sit so as to be above one sitting on ground; squat
TOKO-TULI Kneel (Rby)
TU-FERA Be open, as legs, door
TUGOU To nod, bow: *tu(u)gou
TUQU-LAKI To stand (plural subject), stand (up) in a group
TUQU.1 Stand, be upright

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